Test Any Scanner

Test any scanne* purchased from Communications Electronic«* tor 31 days betore you decide to keep ii. If lo* any reason you ¿ire not completely satisfied, rcium it in original condtUon with all parts in 31 days, for a prompt refund (leas ahippmg/hanrtl|ng charges and rebate credits).

Regency UX70QQ

NEW! Bearcat" 800XLT-EA

List price $499 95/CE price $317.95 12-Band, 40 Channel • No-crystal scanner Priority control * Search/Scan ■ AC/DC

QandS 29-54, 118-174, 406-512. 306-912 MHz The Uniden 8D0XLT receives 40 channels in two banks. Scans 15channelspersedond SutS1! *12V

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