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Novice Phone

THE FCC has proposed an enhancement to the present Novice-class license. The Notice of Proposed Rule Making, PR Docket 86-161, calls for data privileges from 28 1 to 28.3 MHz, SSB from 28.3 to 28.5 MHz, all amateur privileges from 220 to 225 MHz, and simplex and repeater privileges from 1246 to 1260 MHz. Power restrictions would be 200-Watt PEP on ten meters, 25 Watts on 1-1/4 meters, and 5 Watts on 23 centimeters. Higher-class stations would be allowed to run the full legal limit in the Novice portions of these bands. Further, Novice licensees would not be allowed to be trustees of a repeater station, although they would tie allowed to operate through a repeater. Technicians, because of the structure of the license system, would gain the additional pnvileges of the Novice enhancement. The FCC is very interested in hearing ideas on several points Shoufd the Novice-license term be reduced to two or five years to encourage upgrading? Should questions be added to the Novice test to cover the new privileges? Should more than one person administer the lest„ or shouid Novices be tested through the volunteer-examination program? Should Element 3 (the General-class exam) be broken into two parts—part A to cover VHF and repeaters and part B to cover HF operation—to make it easier to upgrade from Novice to Technician? Comments on the proposal are due at the commission by July 16tht and reply comments must arrive by August 20th. Send your original comment plus five copies (11 copies if you want each commissioner to have one) to the FCC, 1919 M Street NWT Washington DC 20554, Please include the Docket number in the head of your document.

Albania Mania

GUS BROWNING W4BPD, writing in his DX'ers Magazine, reports that OK2RZ and five other Czechoslovakian amateurs have obtained permission to operate from Albania. The DXpedition to ZA is expected to begin around the 20ih of September—watch QRX for details. Gus also mentions expeditions to Vietnam and Yemen , it looks as though DX is beginning to pick up a bit. The DX'ers Magazine is a greai source for up-to-minute news; you can write to Gus at PO Drawer DX, Cordova SC 29039. (Telt him you think 73 deserves a kickback for p[ugging his rag.)

Techno- Tantrums

WHO WOULDA THOUGHT that our announcement of the first 900-MHz amateur communication (QRX, January, 1986) would trigger a range war? Chuck Gollnick KA7QEN/0 of the Iowa State University Cy clone Amateur Radio Club contends that theyP not Mike Krzystmak K9MK/5, are the rightful holders of the title. Now, this would not be so bad so long as one or the other could produce documentation of the exact time of the contact. Chuck and the boys at Iowa State drew first blood by describing their system: "Our first transmission was keyed by time signals received from WWV Considering the propagation delay between WWV and Ames ilowa), the delay in our decoder circuit, and the key time of our transmitter, the signal was transmitted no more than 50 milliseconds after the legal band opening, and probably less than that/1 To which Mike countered, "I have no doubt that we [members of the Motorola Radio Club in Ft. Worth] beat your alleged 50-miiliseconds-afteMhe-bantf-opened claim by at least 49.999999 milliseconds. I cannot disclose the commercial techniques that we used to do this with as they are. , currently proprietary.11 In the second round, Chuck and the Cyclones pointed out that, " Our first trans* missions. , were made after the band was legalty open. If.., your clock was not calibrated to the NBS standard and was. say, just 5 nanoseconds fast,. then your first transmissions would have occurred at least 4 nanoseconds before the 900-MHz band was open for legal use by amateurs, which wouid qualify you as the first amateur to earn a pink slip on 900 MHz.1' In the interest of fair piay, and in the spirit of ham fellowship, I think we should point out that Iowa State's transmission was the first AM transmission, and the Motorola club's was the first FM transmission. Give or take a nanosecond.


AMSAT-OSCAR 10 will not be avaifable for this year's ARRL Field Day exercise, according to the Amateur Satellite Report. AO10 Command Station 2L1AOX indicates that the bird wilt be visible only during perigee and that it probably will not be turned on due to eclipses during that period. Meanwhile, work is progressing on the next Phase III satellite, which ts scheduled for launch aboard an Ariane booster later this year

Turkey and Ham

AMATEUR RADIO ACTIVITY in Turkey is Still increasing, with more than 20 stations now licensed. Safim Unuver TA18 details some of the action: "Lots of {Turkish hams] are usually on 14-MHz SSB or CW. Every night, U.S. hams can find TA stations on 14.200 MHz at 1900 UTC. You will hear perhaps TAiC or TA1E, because they are using 3-element beams and running thefegailimitof 400 Watts PEP Other TAs are running 200 Watts to a dipole or ground plane, like me and TA1FT and we are running RTTY on 14.1 B0 each night at

Satin} Unuver TA1B at his station in Ankara*

1900, and ail day on Saturday and Sunday." Salim points out that TA1 stations are located on the European side of Turkey, while TA2-9 indicates stations on the Asian side TA0 cafls are assigned to stations on Turkish islands.


IF YOU PARTICIPATED in the National Six-Meter Invitational Net Activity Day Contest [whew!] on May 31st-June 1st, please mail your logs to Lisa Lowetl KAONNO's new address: PO Box 547, Hugo CO 80821.

Malibu Good Guy

DANIEL GOODKIN KA6VVS, Novice at age 7 and General at age 11, has become the youngest member of the Los Angeies County Disaster Communications Service (a part of the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service). Daniel has already earned two commendations from the Malibu Sheriffs Department for his work during the recent Lake Sherwood and Carbon Canyon fires, where he worked for several days carrying messages between key command centers. Belonging to the DCS is a family affair for the Goodkins; Daniel's father Norm is the District Communications Officer for the organization, and Daniel's mother Naomi WB60HW, brother Brian N6FKG. and sister Mari KA6PTV are ail members.

Eagle Droppings

HAVE YOU SEEN the latest catalog from Innovations? They're one of those companies that offer high-tech goodies like wine computers and 127-function watches. On page 38 of the catalog, right between Wet Tunes the Shower Radio and the Bionic Ear, is a little item called the Eagle 1 Professional Transceiver "Not a toy or Citizens Band walkie-talkie. FCC approved, license information included. The Eagle 1 packs 200 milliwatts of output power for clear, sharp transmissions up to 4 miles Useful in warehouses, farms, and factories, Choice of 3 crystal-controlled channels within 10-MHz band for privacy (one crystal supplied with each unit).

Brent Cordes AE6R checked with Samhill Corp, the manufacturer, and discovered that the crystal supplied with each unit is for 446.000 MHz, the national calling frequency for the amateur 440-MHz bandf The other two channels are 446.200 and 445.800. I telephoned Samhill in New York and asked what sort of license was required to operate the Eagle \ 'Oh. amateur," was the reply. I can see it now.. thousands ot yuppies buying chic fittle HTs, only to find a note in the box telling them that they can t use the radio until they learn Morse code and get an amateur licensed We've dropped Innovations a polite note, and will let you know what happens.

Pubs Merge

BOB GROVE, Editor of Monitoring Times, and Larry Miller, Editor oi international Radio (formerly Shortwave Guide), have announced plans to merge their publications Starting with the July, 1986, issue, the new Monitoring Times will feature an expanded 60-page format and improved laser printing, A one-year subscription is $14, available from 140 Dog Branch Road, PO Box 98. Brasstown NC 28902; (704>-037-9200.

Expo '86

THIRTEEN MILLION VISITORS to Canada's World's Fair of Transportation and Communication will be exposed to the amateur radio virus, thanks to the members oi the VE7EXPO Amateur Radio Society The all-volunteer effort will feature SSB, CWt RTTYt AMTOR, packet, FM, ATV, and SSTV at five operating positions—two for HF and one each for packet, OSCAR, and VHF/UHF. The Exposition, which will run through October 13th, is housed on the Canada Pavilion, "anchored" in Vancouver harbor The ham station, using special call VE7EXPOT will operate from 10 a m. to 10 p m each day Loca: repeaters (146.94 . 224,30, and 443.525 MHz) will be monitored to provide directions and assistance to visiting amateurs. II you would like to work from the station, or if your club would like to come up as a group, contact the VE7EXPO Amateur Radio Society at 202-13640 67 Avenue. Surrey, British Columbia Canada V3W 6X5,

Glowing Report

73 INTERNATIONAL correspondent Rudolf Karaba OK3KFO sent us the results of a UHF aurora marathon recently completed iri the Soviel Union, For two years, Soviet experimenters have participated in a competition designed to examine UHF aurora propagation. The top three single-op stations are UA3BMJ with 155 OSOs and 5.442 poims: UR2RQ with 139/3t795t and UA9XQ with 149/ 3,159. The topciub station is UZ9CXM wilh 23 QSOs, and the top SWL is UA3-142-198 with 9 reports.

No Note Needed

THE FCC. in a letter to the PHD Amateur Radio Club of Missouri, said that no doctor's statement is required when special amateur testing procedures are needed due to an applicant physical disability The statement was necessary under the old testing system when an applicant was unable to travel to an FCC testing site, but the requirement was not earned over to the new volunteer testing program.

4X4 Foray

A TWO-WEEK TRIP to the Holy Lands is being arranged by the Chaverim, an international group dedicated to fostering goodwill among Jewish hams and their friends. The tour will depart from J.F.K. tnternation-al Airport on Monday, October 27th, and will return to the States on Monday, November 10th. The group will visit Muslim, Jewish, and Christian shrines and will have the opportunity to operate from 4X4 during its stay. There also will be meetings w/th the Israeli Amateur Radio Club and the Quarter Ceniury Wireless Association, Space is limited, so contact Bill Soble W3QXT, 9357

Hoff Street, Philadelphia PA 19115; (215)-676-6769.

Motorola Morgue

HERE'S A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to get nd of all that junk in your shack (sorry, I meant valuable communication equipment"), Don Parker. Motorola's Branch Manager for Aiaska. is the curator of ihe new Museum of Early Two-Way Radio Equipment in Anchorage. Don has already gathered a number of vintage VHF/UHF radios, but is looking for more, If you think you might have something that belongs in a museum, gel in touch with Don at Motorola. Inc., 5333 Fairbanks Street, Suite Ibsgnl. Anchorage AK 99502, or call (907)-562-2111.

Write-in Vote

THIS MONTH YOU'LL FIND a special Feedback card next to page B0. Use it to rate the articles and columns in this month's 73. When all of the votes are inf well award a free one-year subscription (or extension} to the person whose name is on the card we draw out of a hat While you're filling things out, lake a second to complete the Product Report Card, loo In July we will begin publishing a running tally of your favorite radios, . or least-favorite, for that matter.


LOGS FROM THE DPtfSL Hams-ln-Space mission of last year have been released. An automatic logging machine aboard the shuttle captured the foNowing U,S, callsigns: AAGG, AJ5L. K1PXE, K6CO, K6NLP, K6RTC, K7PYK. KA0NVT, KAODQ, KA10UX, KA2RBXT KA6CR. KA7SJP, K84CRT, KB6FFJ, KB7RV, KC7EM, KD5RO, KD6PY, KD6WG, KD7AW. KG6GF. KG6KO, KG6LC, N1DBB, N2BKT. N3FL, N6CAV, N6FF, N6GVP, N6fDN, N6RW, N7GDW, N7ZL, N9AB, NA6E, ND2X/5, NFGS, NK6K, NNW, W0BPP. W1HH, W1NU, W2JNO, W3IP, W3PM. W4BE, W4MOP. W5AQQ, W5CBT, W5E8H, W5HQQ, W5HUQT W5RRR, W5VY. W5ZIB. W6KH, W6MFO, W7MCU, W7QHF, W7QLC, W7US, W90DI. WA0RCX. WA1FCK, WA10MM. WA3HUP. WA3WBU, WA4BUS, WA5NOM, WA5RCL, WA5ZIB, WA6YBT, WA7GCS, W84KXB, WB5BSH, WB5GLO, WB7AYU , WB5LBJ/DU6, WB70HF, WB80TH, WD4AHZ, WD4BCS, WD4NAE, WD4PQN WD5EZR, and WD9HC.

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