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Rf Notes 3. Volume 1 is a new software package from Etron Enterprises which aids in the design of Butterworth-response filters to the seventh order. Based on network modeling, the program designs low-pass, high-pass, bandpass, and band-reject filters as a function ot input/output impedance ratios and user-defined input parameters, The output of the program is a schematic diagram labeled with circuit constants,

Rf Notes 3, Volume 1 is available for IBM DOS 2.1, for further details contact Etron Rf Enterprises. PO Box 4042, Diamond Bar CA 91765: (714)^594-0741, Reader Service number 158.


Larsen Electronics has announced the model KG-450 on-

Rapitech Systems, Inc.. has developed a DB-25 connecior which

TheActicon active connector from Rapitech Systems

The LS250 standby UPS from Kafglo Electronics, 18 73 Amateur Radio * June, 1986

TheActicon active connector from Rapitech Systems

NemaI connectors for Beiden 9913 and 8214 cables*

glass antenna tor the 450-512-MHz range. The KG^50 is a half-wave, unity-gain element without a ground plane, and offers up to 2.4 dB gain in most mobile installations. The antenna is tuned by cutting the whip according to a chart provided by Larsen. The antenna kit includes 14 feet of RG-58A/U low-toss coax.

For more detaits, write or call' Larsen Electronics, PO Box 1799i( Vancouver WA 98668; (206)-57^ 2722. Reader Service number 161,

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