Vkqsl Bureau

From Chas Harrisson VK7CH comes an interesting repon on the last three years of the VK7 QSL Bureau,

A point of interest is that there appears to be a 3,000-card shortfall each year between cards coming in and cards going out. A second point that affects all amateurs waiting for their VK7 cards, whether it be for their "Tassie Devil" award or just a confirmation, is the time delay the bureau has waiting for packets of cards from overseas bureaux. QSL cards for the last three years are shown in Table 1. The peak year was 1980, with a total of 49,062 cards.

In and out cards are inflated this year by 7-8,000 by cards received from overseas bureaux for VK75AT the special anniversary call, and these had to be sent on to VK3.

A noticeable number of overseas bureaux now send cards at longer intervals. Only two iots have been received during the year from both the U.S.A. and U.S.S-R.

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