Watt Pep Transmatch

Basic Kit S154.95

PIUS S3 00 Shipping and handling

1986-87 catalog $1.00

1 - rotary inductor 28,DVK.l00 0) ita| Vojce Keyer 2-6:1 ball drives available through Radio Kit

1 -0-100 turns counter

2 - variable capacitors 23-208 pf 3500 v rms OPTIONS—

enclosure (pictured in Sept. 86 CQ) $60 00

4:1 balun kit $16.75

diaisT terminals, ceramic slandoffs, tiardware, ate. available—send lor catalog.

RADIO KIT BOX 973S Pelham, NH 03076


RADIO KIT BOX 973S Pelham, NH 03076



ï î n i r n n t K L L -L U j ff YAKSU moot zRANsCtivLfi l'T-767QX

Yaesu's FT-767GX Multi-mode HF/VHF/UHF transceiver

It's everywhere! Yaesurs hot new FT 767GX is an all-mode, ali-band HF transceiver and a sophisticated VHJ LTHF multimode and a general-cove rage receiver. . .all in one package. Standard equipment includes a built-in automatic antenna tuner for the HF bands, a digital power-out and swr meter, an electronic keyer, ten memories that store frequency, mode, and CTCSS info, full QSK CW, i-f shift, an i-f notch filter, and two vfos. It all adds up to the most versatile radio you'll ever own.

This amazing radio can be yours! Just send in the attached entry card or the coupon below. . ,and start watching for the letter that says YOU'VE WON!

73 gives you all-band coverage: Every mode, every month. Check the YES box on your entry and receive 73 al a special price—iust $19,97 for 12 months; you'll save 43% off the regular cover price!

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