1296 $18.9S

2T2B $15.95

1296 $18.9S

ELECTRONICS BOOK CLUB, Bf» Ridge Summit, PA 17214

EjuEcrnawjcs BQOK CLUB

P.O. Box 10, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214

The classic DXing sourcebook for shortwave listeners worltfwtde1

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Piease accept my membership in the Electronics Book Cfub and send the 5 volumes circled below, plus my FREE copy of The Complete Shortwave Listener's Handbook-—2nd Ed., (1255P) billing me $2.95 plus shipping and handling charges. If not satisfied. I may return the books within ten days without obligation and have my membership canceled I agree to purchase A or more books ai regular Club Prices (plus shipping/handling) during the next 12 months, and may resign any time thereafter eoip 1120 1206P lilfip 1259 1296 1305 13S1P 1367P 1370 1393P 14S2P 1487P 1503P 1536 1542P 1&53 15&4 1625 1632P 1636 16G5P 1696P 1740P 1B87 1964P 1977P 1994 2603 2606P 2653P 2660 2675, 2 20 2735

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Valid for Tîew members only. Forcen applicants will reçoive special ordenng instructions Canada mtisi remii in U S. currency This order subject to acceptance by the Electronics Book Club'

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