Amateur Center


Early Reservation Information

• Giant 3 day flea market * Exhibits

• CW proficiency test * Door prizes

Flea market tickets and grand banquet tickets are limited, Place your reservations early, please.

Flea Market Tickets

A maximum of 3 spaces per person (non-transferable). Tickets (for all 3 days) will be sold IM ADVANCE ONLY. No spaces sold at gate. Vendors MUST order registration ticket when ordering flea market spaces.

Special Awards

Nominations are requested for 'Radio Amateur o; the Year-, 'Special Achievement" and Technical Achievement* awards, Contact; Awards chair: na;i. Box 44, Dayton, OH 45401.

License Exams

Novice thru Extra exams scheduled Saturday and Sunday by appointment only. Send current FCC form 610, copy of present license and check for $4.25 (payable to ARRL/VEC) to; Mark Tessneer, 2859 Homeway Dn, Beavercreek, OH 45385

Slide Show

35 mm slide/tape presentation about the HAMVENTION is available for loan. Contact Dick Miller, 2853 La Cresta, Beavercreek, OH 45324

1987 Deadlines

Award Nominations: April 4 Lodging: April 4 License Exams: April 4 Advance Registration and banquet: USA - April 11 Canada - April 4 Flea Market Space;

Orders wilt not be accepted before January i


General Information: (513) 433-7720

or DARA Box 44, Dayton, OH 45401 Flea Market Information: (513) 223-0923 Lodging Information: (513) 223 2612 (No Reservations By Fhone)

HAMVENTION is sponsored by the Dayton Amateur Radio Association Inc.

Lodging Reservation Form

Dayton Hamvention - April 24, 25, 26 1987 Reservation Deadline - April 4, 1987 MAIL TO - Housing, Dayton Hamvention, 1980 Kettering Tower, Dayton, Oi l 45423-4880

Arrival Date_

Departure Date_

I 1 Double (1 bed, 2 persons) ( ) Double Doubie (2 beds, 2 persons)

Lodging Preference -

See list of lodging on adjacent page,

Deposit required - Room deposit must be paid directly to the hotel or motel by date shown on the confirmation form sent to you. Use canceled check for confirmation.

Advance Registration Form


(valid all 3 days) Qrand Banquet Women s Luncheon (Saturday) (Sunday) flea Market

(Max. 3 spaces) Admission ticket

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