Color Video Station

It's true. With your transceiver, antenna, television set and audio tape recorder, you already have 75% of what's required to receive and send ___

color video world-wide!

Adda i robot f Video Transceiver and your station is complete.

Thousands of amateur video operators around the world are exchanging beautiful color images every day. Whether your favorite mode is SSB or FM or AM—direct, via repeater or satellite—you can join in the high-tech fun without modifying your present equipment Just add a Robot to your station!



7591 Convoy Court San Diego, California 92111 phone £619) £79-9430

Please send me the following Robot equipment. I understand that if i am drsai isfted for any reason I can return the unit and reterve a full refund

G 1900C htgh resoluten video transceiver $1295 C 45OC standard resoluten $795 □ 400C upgrade kit S395 i D More Information



Address. City_


□ Enclosed check or money order S.

Exp. Date

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