* Completely assembled and ready to use

* Easy setling of your personal code in seconds with small rotary switches No jumpers to solder.

* Speaker resets automatically to silent-standby and leaves red LED on lo 1e! you know someone called if you were away from the rig

* 8*15 VDC CMOS circuitry provides Tor low current operaron I ww

* ftüilt-m speaker External speaker jack also provKted

* Measures only r« x 3 a 5% inches * Decodes all 16 fl^ts

SQQ95 Pius S3 .oo

U1 v shipping & Mandl'ng 111 VAC paw* supply arid audio patch cord irciuded

SQQ95 Pius S3 .oo

U1 v shipping & Mandl'ng 111 VAC paw* supply arid audio patch cord irciuded

Matron Electronics

503-6S7-2116 ^

Tired of all the Discover the wide open traffic on your band? spaces on 220MHz.

ICOM has a commitment to 220MHz.

ICOM has the most complete line of 220MHz gear to take you away from the traffic on other bands,

The ¡0 03AT Handheld reflects uncornpromised top-oMhe line quality and performance. Ultimately deluxe, with 10 full function memories, scanning, 32 built-in subaudible tones, three watts output (five watts optional) and an LCD readout. Direct frequency entry via DTMF keypad and adjustable offsets for non-standard repeaters,

The IC-3AT Handheld is fCOM's 220MHz version of the world s most popular and easy-to-use handheld. Provides superb transmit and receive performance. 1.5 watts output and excellent audio.

The 1C-38A Mobile, JCOM's new compact and easy to operate mobile especially designed for operator convenience. It sports a large LCD readout and band/memory stepping from the provided IC-HM12 mic. Plus 21 memories, receive coverage from 21 "5-230MHz, scanning and memory lock-out.

The IC-37A Mobile,..ICOM's slim-line 220MHz mobile. There's band or memory scanning, nine memories, 32 built-in subaudible tones and an LED readout. Plus a reverseswitch for offset checks and an internal speaker. Comes with the IC-HM23 DTMF touchtone mic with up/down frequency and memory scan,

Mi^ Discover the wide open spaces on 220MHz. ICOM will help take you to

1MB the excitement.

IC-03AT [ Handheld \

1C37A Mobile

IC-38A Mobile

IC-3AT Handheld

ICOM America, Inc., 2380-116th Ave NE, Beflevue, WA 98004 Customer Service HotfPne (206) 454-7619

3150 Premier Drive, Suite 126, Irving, TX 75063 ICOM CANADA. A Division of ICOM America, Inc., 3071-#5 Road, Unit 9, Richmond, B.C. V6X 2T4 Canada

A'i stated specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice or oDiigaiion. All ICOM radios significantly exceed FCC rejaulatiora iirnttng spurious emissions. a3QMHzi066

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