Receiver Front-End Preselectors

■FL-6:6H1 Q Resonators with Lo-Noise Transistor Amp (2M or 220 MHz)

•FL-4H: 4HI Q Helical Resonators & Lo-Noise Tr. Amp. in shielded housing* {420-470 MHz) •Provides tremendous rejeclion of "out-of-band'' signals w/out the usual loss I Can often be used instead of large expensive cavity litters. ♦Extremely helpful at sites wiih many nearby transmitters to "filter-out" these out-of-band signals

Call or Write for Data Sheets

Timer, ^Time-Out" Timer, TX local & remote Shutdown/Reset. etc.

•Includes inputs & outputs for panel controls & lamps

Power Supply Boards

• SCP512 12 VDC ;; lAASVOC^ 0 4Aout (1 1A total ma*, out,}

Piyg-in Coding Card

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