Innovators In Digital Communication

The'SWL" contains the program in ROM as well as radio interface circuit to copy

Morse code and all speeds/shifts of radioteletvjie, It comes with a cable to connect to your radio's speaker earphone jack, demo cassette, ant! an excellent manual that contains a wealth of information on how to get the must out of short-wave digital DXing, even if you're brand new at it.

For about the price of another +"Pae-Zapper" game, you can tie your Commodore 64, 128 or VIC-20 into the exciting world of digital communications kwith the Microlog SWL. S64< Postpaid, L\S+

MICROLOG CORPORATION", L 187)3 Moonev Drive, ^ Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879. Telephone: 301 258-8400.

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