Long Island Arrl Indoor

FEST, Sunday, February 15, sponsored by LIMARC at the Electricians Hail, 4t Pine Lawn Road. Melville. Long Island NY. Door opens at 9 a.m. for buyers, no one admitted earl ier, Exhibitors al 7:30. Send reservations to Hank Wener WB2ALW 53 Sherrard Street. East HiJIs NY 11577 Our4 x 6 tables are $12 each or onng your own at $1.50 a foot with an $8 minimum Each tabie sale admits one person, additional workers at S3.25 each. Check yours for a self-addressed, stamped envelope, sent to the above address.

My next column holds a few predictable items, such as the program hinted at above and a few surprises. Surprises, you say? But of course—otherwise it wouldn't be ?3t and it especially wouldn't be RTTY Loop! ■

payable to LIMARC must be with reservation. Buyers admission is $4 al the door and $3,25 in advance with SASE. Send check payable to LIMARC to LIMARC Tickeis, Mark Nadel NK2T. 22 Springtime Lane East, Lev it town NY 11756 by 2/5/B7. To avoid overcrowding, everyone must pay an admission Special gifts will be awarded to some advance buyers LiMARC VHF rig clinic wilt be on hand. At Exit 49, nonh of the LIEh go north a biock to Pine Lawn Road, turn right to site. Addiiionai info, call al night Hank (5l6}*4S4-4322, BNB5Ü0

SIXTY-FOOT JACOBES WIND ELECTRIC STEEL TOWER, twelve-foot square base. Bolted construction, disassembled, can be hauled in pickup. $250. Lonnie D WrigM, Rte. 1, Box 38, Albert KS 67511; (316J-982 4519. BNS501

TRS-B0 4P/KANTRONICS UTU RTTY. Split-screen, 10 user keys, tile transfer. Runs in Mod 4 (80 char.) mode. $30 to COMMPRO RTTY c/o KB61C, 3711 Gayle Avenue, Omaha NE 68123. BNB502

ATTENTION! Kenwood TS-43ÜS, TS-440S, TS-940S; ICOM 745 and 751: Yaesu FT-757GX owners! Modification for general-cove rage transmit l he right way. $5 each or 3 for $10, Many other modsavaiiable Money order or cash to W Thomas. POSox 96. Umontown PA T5401.BNB503

CLEAN GOODIES. Kenwood: DG.5, digital readout for 520 series. $l&9, TS-520$ with CW mter S445: ft-2000 general-coverage rcvr. $425 TS-Ö30S xcvrp $575. Drake: T4XC xmtr with AC4 P/S. $285; FA-7 for TR7r $35; iMN-2000 2-kW antenna tuner S200; AUX 7 board tor TR7 $45: MN-2700 antenna tuner with B-iOOObalum $350. Yaesu: FL-21Q0B with 10 meiers (lh200-Watt amp), $450: FR^1015 with manual, S299; dummy loadr 350 WattsT $59 ICOM: iC-740 xcvr. loaded $625. Tony Musero K3UKW, (21 5)-27t-8898, 8NB504

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Crew al Junior High School 22 on Manhattan s Lower East SLde, learning Engfish through amateur radio. Be a winner in 87 f Send us your QSL via WB2JKJ. and we might send you our OSL of the Week Award. BN3505

APPLE II + fc/e MORSE CODE PROGRAM. Menus 31 modes, lesson plans, graphics, word processor. 1100 wpmh etc. Wnte LARESCO. PO Box 2018, 1200 Ring Road, Caiumet City IL 60409; (312) 891 3279. BNB507

Barter Nr Buy advertising must pertam to ham radio products or services,

Individual (noncommercial) 25c per word

11 Commercial 60c per word

Prepayment required Count only the words m the text Your address t$ free. 73 cannot verify advertising daims and cannot be held responsible for claims made by the advertiser Liability wdl be limited to making any necessary corrections in the next available issue. Please print clearly or type (double-spaced)

No discounls or commissions are available. Copy must be received in Peterborough by the fiflh of the second month preceding the cover oate. Make checks payaole to 73 Magazine and send to Hope Currier, 73 Magarine, WGE Center, Peterborough NH 03458-

arter 'im1 buy

Imagine this complete ICOM station as the center of attention in your new shack! Yes, we're giving it all away in 73 s instant iCOM Sweepstakes. Here's what you could win:

The ultra-compact IC-735 all-band, all-made HF transceiver with 12 tunable memories,

100 Watts output, and a general-coverage receiver.

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