Roller Inductor Tuner

MFJ-989B $329.95

Meet the "Versa Tuner V11, the compact roller inductor tuner that lets you run up to 3 KW PEP and match everything from 1 8 to 30 MHz.

Designed to match the new smalfer rigs, the MFJ 989B is the best roller inductor tuner produced by MFJ. Our roller inductor tuner features a 3-digit turn counter plus a spinner knob lor precise inductance control for maximum SWR reduction Just take a look at all these other great features! Built-in 300 watt, SO ohm dummy load, built-in 4:1 balun and a built-in lighted cross* needle metef that reads SWR and forward and reflected power all in one gfance Accuracy ± 10% full scale. Meter light requires 12 VDC. 6 position antenna switch, 103/^ x4V? x 15 inches.


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