Rules And Forms

Contestants are encouraged to send an SASEfor official forms lo;

Bill Gosney KE7C World Championship Contests 2665 North Susbv Road Oak Harbor WA 98277

Mat! each entry to the appropriate contest chatrman:

10-Meter Contest Chairman Linda Ingram KG6MO 44720 N. 11th Street East Lancaster CA 93S35

t5-Meter Contest Chairman Gary Vest NW5E Star Route. Box 34 Holiday TX 7636S

20-Meter Contest Chairman Chuck Ingram WA6R 44720 H. 11th Street £a*t Lancaster CA 93535

40-Meter Con test Che irrnan Pennia Vounker NE6I 43261 em Street East Lancaster CA 93535

75-Meier Contest Chairman Ron Johnson KC7PA 68 South 300 West SrlghamCity UT 84302

160-Meter Contest Chairman BUI Gosney KE7C 26G5 N. Busby Road Oak Harbor WA 9B277

N5AUa KS90, ZS6BPL, and NP4P —40-Meter World Champions—

T>us year was a typical Texas standoff! N5AU became ine World S ngie-Operatoi Cha mpion by depr ■ v; ng I wo-i ime record holder KE5CV of his third consecutive wortd itlie. KE5i last year's runner- up. nad to settle for ihird place this lime around All three Lone Shir stations a ere neck and r^eck in the closing hours of the contest Guess it's true that

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lillf/PrnvI ne r ttnun t ry:

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