World Ssb Championships

¿flriûurtCiftg the January Closure— ïhe '9b7 running cA world SS9 Champion* ships! The first and only contests of their kind, these sri individual single-oand events are worid renowned and amongst tt» most dial' lengmg events on the ûands today Winners of ¿ach contest determine The World Champion for 1CK 15-, 2a. 40-, 75-, and 160-meier single sideband:

0000 UTC Januarys, 1987 through 2400 UTC January 4. 1387

1 st 1 o- Meter World SSB Championship

January to.198? 0000-2400 UTC

3rd 15-Meter World SSB Championship

January IT. 1987 0000-2400 UTC

3rd 20-Meter Work! SSB Championship

OOOÛ UTC January 17.1937 through 2400 UTC January 1387 Sin 160-M#t et WoridSSB Championship

January 24.1987 0000-2400 UTC

6th 40-Meter World SSB Championship

January 25. 1937 0000-2400 UTC

6th 75 Meter World SSB Championship


Stations may be worked only once per event Alt contacts must be two-way SSB transmissions. All stations, regardless of îheir operating class, may operate enure contesi pçntxta wpîhoui a rest penod


i a t Si ngi e operator. single livomttter SSfi onl, ■ Muh-operalor. singk- tra;ismi[fer SSB only

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