Final Note

The Tuesday-night. 75-meter AMSAT nets have moved from 3 855 MHz to 3.8^0 MHz. plus or minus 10 kHz. This was due to the crowded conditions in the Gener-al-dass portion of the band. Nets start at 9 p.m. local time.®

Announcing Digital Voice Keyer

Sufifiested Amateur Nci Price $249.

Now tor the firs! titno you can enjoy the truly unique uperatiun of:i Digital Voice Announcement System, designed specifically for Amateur Radio cuniminicfLticTmi. The DVK4(H> represents the latest technology in digital audio processing.

Create your own natural voice contest calls CQ's etc. Your voice is Stored ¡n digital memory ready to he played hack at ihe touch of a key The Digital Voice Keyer is not a tape rfitorder or robotic sounding synthesizer but a true full fidelity natural voice record/play hack system. The DVK-lOOj is a must Tot the avid con tester and jjreat audio accessory for any Ham Shack,

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