Internal Power Sufplv

Ail 500 Senes ambers have a Peter Oahl Hipersil plate transformer anc a separate fitamertl transformer The fuSiwave bridge rectifier system—unlike other systems thai utilize weak vottage □oublers—uses computer grade electrolytic capacitors COMPATIBILITY GUARANTEED

Customer feedback m 1966 insisted on system compatibility Responding to this challenge, a special Plug and Play Harness to hook your favorite radio to the LK500 is offered as an accessory Of course, all Amp Supply amplifiers have our famous ATi-6 tuned input svsters assuring a perfect SO ohm :3ad :o youf transce ver AUTOMATIC LOCK OUT "NEW**

All the new LK-500ZC Series amplifiers are equipped with the ALO which stops amplifier operation when it senses an unacceptable SWR improper tuning or overcurrem on the tubes 2 SPEED FANS

MoSt manufacturers have had to comprom:se on fan speed one of the noisiest and objeci onat e aspects of amateur radio opera-ion 3ut our 500 Series amplifiers are different; they are the result of our perfected system of customer communication and engineer response THE f JK-500ZC WTI1IOLT QSK

A ¿ersfon oi the 500ZC is avaifabte without vie Jennings vacuum antenna changeover relay and a companion sealed relay GSK system. A super buy at $i 199 00' THE LK 500NTC NOTUNE

Our ncMune amplifier is the same dependable amplifier as the LK-500ZC with the new ALO system and full QSK, and completes our popular 500 .Series ihrs desirable version allows you to merely switch to your favorite amateur band and transmit at full power V\fe have preset internal capacitors and coils for each of the traditional six amateur bands The LK-S0QNTC is atso available for special MARS and commercial channelized frequencies.



The G5RV Signal Injector1" antenna is an excellent all band (3.5-30 MHz) 102 ft dipoie On 1.8 MHz the center and shield of the coax at the transmitter end may be |Oined together ana the antenna may be used as a Marconi with a tuner and a good earth ground The proper combinanor of a flat-top and 3i ft of 300 ohm tranmission I ne achieves resonance on all the amateur bands from 80 to 10 meters with only one antenna Tf^ere & no toss ^n traps and cotis Tne imoecance present at the enci of the 300 onm fine is about 50-60 ohms a good match \o the ne/. RG8X mini foam coax

• Completely assembied

• Use as horizontal or V configuration

• Consists oi 102 ft copper antenna wire, 31 ft 300 ohm transmissson line. 70 ft RG-6X coax. 2 end nsutators. 1 center insulator. 1 PL 259 anci sJeeve connector and the new transformer coupler

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