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EdllorJat Offices

WGE Center Pa!(. 'borough NH03-5ÎM W Ghone 603025-420 i

Advertising Offices

WGE Canter Peterborough NH 034&â'1194 phone 8OD-Z25-5G03

Circulation Offices

WGE Center Pete'toroLgh NH 03^50-1194 phone 603-525-4201


Contributions in lhe form ot manuscripts with drawings and/or photographs .ire welcome and will be con ¿■dered Fo-r possible publication We can assume no responsibly for los5 ar damage \o any maieriaf Please enclose a stan oea. seir-.aCdr^ed envelope wim each sut^'ssion Payment ¡or (hi use oJ any unsolicited msreriai *ilî De ~iado upon accep-la^ce Ail contributions should be reeled lo me 73editorial offices. " Ho* to Wfiie lot 73" guidelines are avait-âble upon request. US citizens must include their social security number with submiUtïd manuscripts

Subscription rnformation

Rales in -he United States an^ Pos sessions One Year p2 -ssjesi 524 97 Two Vttt 2J issues' £¿5 47 EJsewhere Canada anc Mexico— 00/1 year only. US funds Foreign surface mail—S45.MM v^ar only, US tund& drawri on US bank. Foreign air mail—please inquire*. To subscribe, renew or change an address: Write to Substation Department PO Bok 931 Farmingdaie MY (1737 Return Ocsssge guaranteed For renewals arfd changes of addfesi include (he address lab^i 'rem your i^ost recant ssue of 73 For gift subscriptions include your n;rne and ^ikJress as weK those ol gift recipients For quev lions concerning /our suoscriplior call toll free v8GQ-227-&7ez To ptacft subscription orders, please call js toll tree at 1 -BOO-722-7790 between 9 am and 4-30 pm Eastern tFme or wrrte to 73, Siibscrtption Departmenl POBcw 931 Fairn figdate NY 11 73? 73 Amateur Rxtio I ISSN Q745-G8ÜX) is put> lished monihly by WGE Publishing. WGE Cenier. Peterborough NH 03450-119^ Second class postage paidsi Pi rerboroug^i NH Lf3-:^Sand a; Jnditional majling officer Canadian second class mail registration number 9566. Enliie contenii copyrighl ■ 1m WGE Publishing All rights reserved No part ol this publicaiion may be <epriii!tici or jthervif.se i?produceo Aiihaut permission trom ihe puoi'sner Microftlm Edition—University Mtcrotitin. Ann Artwr ME 106 Postmaster: Send address cnanges io 73 Amateur Rad to SuDschpsiO" Services, PO Box 1. Farmingtfale NY 11737 Naiional[ydi£|nbuiedbyln-lernatioital Circulanon Distributors Contract; Wjirncng—the mere posses sion of this magazine completes a te-cjaJly bind'ng contract between you and The Publisher whether you have -ead or not tgnor^nce ol tde law >s 'to excuse, as you're qutt« ^reU a^are You are hereby aire :LT:; under every penalt T of taw to which ims legal cc* tract exposes you, to henceforlh spend a minimum of iür,i> oi youroper atlng time working Novices and making amatein radio more tun tor them Ihis is the hnri version q1 hthmg No excuses WilJ be accepted, so don't start whining if The Pubtishei visits your Shack ¿n<j demands to 5ee your ogs fw prooJ of youf pe^o:-m^rice unöer this contract Just be cause- this *s the April issue ot is no reason to too' around

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