Dse Field Strength Meter

Dick Smith Electronics: Inc.. has announced a new field strength meter kit. The field strength meter is buiti on a smalt PCB that mounts directly on the meter terminals. Only the sensitivity pot and power switch are offboard. The telescopic antenna mounts via a small right-angle bracket which bolts to the board The case provides additional support for the antenna via a grom-meted hole in the case top. The DSE field strength meter is priced at $39.95 plus $3,50 shipping and handling.

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The new AD-2/70 dual-band antenna coupler has been released by Larsen Electronics, Inc. The AD-2/70 allows operation of separate 2m and 70-cm radios con-

Meter Amateur Radio Cannister Duplexer

Larsen's model AD-2/70 antenna duplexer for 2m/70-cm, nected to a common dual-band antenna: it also allows separate 2m and 70-cm antennas to be used with a single-port, dual-band radio.

Gross band isolation is suppressed to -50 dB or morer permitting interference-free simultaneous transmission or reception Maximum power rating is 200 W PEP composite VHF/UHF power.

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Sibex, Inc., has released its model S-2 soldering/desoldering station. The S-2 allows any standard soldering iron to be tempera* lure-controlled through the use of a separate dc voltage converter. The desoldering tool is temperature controlled in the range of 450-700" F. A vacuum pump is incorporated into the unit for efficient desoldering; the pump switch is built into the desoldering handpiece. The S-2 has holders for soldering and desoldering tools and has a built-in tip-cleaning pad The price of the unit is $289.95.

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The Kantronics KPC-4 Dual-Port Communicator,

The Sibex S-2 temperature-controlled sofdenng/desoldering station.

The Kantronics KPC-4 Dual-Port Communicator,

Ham Radio Field Strength Meter Schematic

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