Far East Electronics Technology Tour

It's the best way to keep pace with the explosive consumer electronics marketplace,

I he Japan Electronics ShowThe Korea Electronics ShowThe Taiwan Electronics ShowThe Canton Trade Fair-The Singapore Electronics Show

All for

All for



• The Japan Technology Updates Seminar

• Korea Business Opportunities Seminar

• Taiwan Business Opportunities Seminar

• China Business Opportunities Seminar

• Singapore Business Opportunities Seminar

• Visits to Factories and Research Facilities

• Business Meetings with Foreign Companies

You will be traveling with the most successful electronics industry executives in America, taking advantage of Commerce Tours International's once-a-year discount package.

IMPORTANT: You should fill in the coupon below ¿js soon as possible Commerce Tours International lue has organizing the Far East Electronics Technology Tour lor 10 years and our experience is ihai the reservations come early in the year Remember thai the 1987 Asian Electronics Shows will open up many new product arenas thai will hit 1 he American market in January 1988.

Don't wait until the trade magazines report what's happening in Asia 90 days after these important annual Asian electronics exhibitions.

It will be tile best 53,000 you'll spend this year When You Buy, Say 73"

FROM: Commerce Tours International Inc. TO: Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs

Here's Two Weeks That Can Change Your Business...

You'll discover the new products being developed, learn what new products you should develop rhe new markets and the new sources (plus great shopping!)

Join the 1987 Far Hast Electronics Technology Tour to Japan Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kontj—plus optional extensions to Singapore. Canton and Beijing. Remember the date: October 3-18, 1987.

t our most practical opportunity to meet Asian small businessmen is at the Consumer Electronics Shows in October at Osaka. Seoul Taipei Hor g Kong and Singapore—plus the famous Canton trade Fair. Here you'll see Next Year s new products on display

We've arranged special seminars to help you do business—plus visits to factories and research facilities and business meetnwith Asian companies*

The price? $3,130 for West Coast departure—slightly different for other US, Canadian and European cities, 'his includes first t lass hotel accommodations, sumptious American breakfasts, four group dinners transportation lo/from showgrounds, airport/hotel transfers and business programs. Seminars are eKlra,

In addition to business you will enjoy the surprisingly low cost Asian shopping. Few return from these tours i which we ve been organizing for over 10 years! without a custom-made suit or two, a miniature cassette or CD player and a stack of Compact Disos. most of which are unavailable in the US.

From i5Q to 300 successful American small businessmen goon these tours, so you 11 make plenty of good TS business contacts as well ns Asian, plus have run with these interesting people at iht breakfasts and dinner parties.

Please fill in this coupon and mail it in today!

Yes. I'm booking a reservation for the Far East Electronics Tour. Please send me more information,

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