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Ah, a ham's life isn't easy. A DXpedition to a desert island one month VHF contesting on a mountaintop the next.. Over the years, while on the road, hams have been sunburned, frozen, bitten, scratched, mauled, scraped, crushed and. in some instances, even shot at.

Yes. indeed, an easy life it ain't. I don't know if Indiana Jones was a ham. but it wouldn't surprise me one bit He has that look of a hard-boiled, cynical DXpeditioner Jus! by looking at his face you can tell that Or Indy must have shouldered his way through infinite pile-ups back in the days of tubes and amplitude modulation.

Being a bit of an adventurer myself, i know it pays to plan wisely when heading out into the ham's wide world. So whenever I hit the road, i take along my ham's survival Kit, I realize Tm not the only ham who carries along a goodie bag on his jaunts around the worlds but I happen to believe thai my kit is exceptionally well-stocked, containing just about everything necessary for any possible emergency. To wit:

[ j Throat Spray: This is a necessity. I mean, if you can't talk, you can't ham, right?

Liniment: To rub on your hand. I mean, if you can't pound brass, you can t ham, right? i_j Money: It's amazing the things you can still do with U.S. currency. For example, it's quite handy for bribing various overseas officials who may not quite understand

what you're doing with all of that funny-looking equipment in your luggage. It's remarkable stuff. Highly recommended. □ Insect Repellent: An obvious accessory when visiting tropical places, but handy in northern cli mates as well—even in winter. After all, you never know what sort of a hotel you'll be staying in, C Calculator: I don't care what sort of a math whiz you think you are. bring along a calculator. in fact, the more exotic the land you're visiting, the more you'll need iL It can be murder on the brain totalling up ail those QSOs.

□ Portable Computer: (f you have the room, substitute a laptop computer for the calculator. The PC will help you log contacts, retrieve urgent messages from your wife and children (Daddy! Come home1 We need you!) and kill the dull hours between band openings with its games. Personally, J like Toshiba's taptops, but the Tandy models are good, too. To each his own

□ Mini-Flashlight: Truly a tool with 1.001 uses. Ever try to trou-bleshooi a final amp in the field on a dark, rainy night? Without a mtni-fiasblighL the only avail* able illumination will be your body as all ihose amps go flowing through it.

Swiss Army Knife: Truly a tool with 1,000.001 uses; stripping coaxt tightening antenna screws and opening siubborn beer cans are only a few of its applications. Just be sure it's a Victorinox and not one of those babres you see advertised ¡in the Sunday newspaper suppiements (they rust).

□ Pocket Camera: {Or better yet. a 35mm camera } What good is a DXpedition or contest venture withoul permanent documentation? I mean, who's going to believe you ever went on your little journey if you don't have photographs to prove it? How are you going to bore the guys down at the ciub if you don't show up with a few hundred slides? How are you ever going to get your mug in the ham magazines without a camera? Think about it!

□ Camcorder: if you're into hightech consumer electronics, bring one of these along. The VHC/C and 8mm models are the most compact and the only ones really worth footing around with, A camcorder won't put your face in a magazine, but the tapes it generates will bore your buddies even better than your camera s slides,

□ Mirror: After your boat sinks, and you're stuck on some godforsaken raft, you use this to signat for help. You know, in Morse code, the way all pro-code advocates advise,

□ Binoculars: Good for spotting the rescue plane when it finally does arrive. (See? The mirror worked!)

□ Sunglasses: A must in the tropics or arctic, a big help anyplace else. After all. you're going to be doing a lot of squinting at log sheeis, meters, and the like, so treat your eyes with kindness. They're also heipful for covenng up the effects of last night's beer btasL Good, too. for eyeing girls on the beach

That s about it You may have a few other items you'll want to toss in (soap, toothpaste, shaver, deodorant, etc )r but that's up to you Many hams don't necessarily regard cieaniiness as a DXpedition virtue,

111 also leave the kit's housing up to you. \ use a couple of Hartmann briefcases, bul you may want to use that Antenna Specialists plastic bag you got at Dayton a few years back.

See you on Ihe airport courtesy busiM

" I don't know if Indiana Jones is a ham, but he has that took of a hard-boiled, cynical DXpeditioner."

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