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440-MHz Folded Dipole

Repeater Antenna

An antenna immune to almost all weather conditions, virtually static-freer and practically maintenance-free.

Commercial price tags and (he unavailability in the 440-MHz range helped to prompt the home-brew construction of this 4-bay folded dipoie antenna. The only array thai could be located for amateur use was a dual 8-bay version (hat cost around S500.

The folded dipoie is one of the most widely used antennas in the VHF/UHP public safety and commercial spectrum, One of the reasons for this is that die antenna is almost immune to Iiirhtning damage; another isihat it virtual-

5/0' PUFÏ nQN OF £|_EM£ N ■ VU5T HE tC-thE TOP

5/0' PUFÏ nQN OF £|_EM£ N ■ VU5T HE tC-thE TOP

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