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GRANTED, THE DAYS OF THE TOTAL HOME-BREW STATION may be fading fast. Granted, the awesome circuitry of today's full-featured: rigs daunts all but the most technically minded of us But naiural curiosity and the skyrocketing prices of equipment still keep hams constantly tinkering and coming up with a better—and cheaper—mousetrap. And, of course, the increasing sophistication of our hobby demands more than ever the talents of those who can exptain complex material in simpler terms

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Put More Punch in Your Packet

Outstanding mechanical design ¡makes the IsoPole the only logical choice for a VHF base station, especially for Packet operation. Ail Isopole antennas yieldl the maximum gain attainable for their respective lengths and a maximum signal on the horizon. Exceptional decoupling from the feed line results in simple tuning and a significant reduction in TVI potential. The IsoPole antennas are all impedance matched in the factory so that no field tuning is required. The IsoPoles have the broadest frequency coverage of any comparable VHF base station antenna. This means no loss of power output from one end of the band to the other, when used with SWR protected solid state tranceivers. Typical SWR is 1-4 to t or better across the entire band.

A standard 50 Ohm SO-239 connector is recessed within the base sleeve (fully weather protected). With the IsoPole you will not experience aggravating deviation in SWR with changes in weather The impedance matching network is weather sealed and designed for maximum legal power. The aerodynamic cones are the only appreciable wind load and are attached directiy to the support (a standard TV mast which is not supplied).

IsoPole Specifications Model

Freq. Coverage (Mhz) 2.1 VSWR bandwidth Power Rating Gain**

Radiating Element Length Amateur Net Price

Isopole Antenna Design

High Performance Hand-Held Antenna — The Hot Rod

The Hot Rod antenna can be expected to make the same improvement to hand-held communications that the IsoPole antennas have made to base station operation. Achieve 1 or 2 db gain over ANY 5/8 wave two meter telescopic antenna. The factory tuned HR-1 is 20% shorter, lighter and places far less stress on your handheld connector and case. It will easily handle over 25 watts of power, making it an excellent emergency base or mobile antenna. In the collapsed position, the Hot Rod antenna will perform like a helical quarter wave. Three Hot Rods are available; HR-1 1/2 wave 2M Ant.r HR-2 for 220 Mhz, and HR-4 for 440 Mhz. Amateur Net Price on all Hot Rods is $19.95.

For either base station or hand-held operation AEA has the perfect VHF/UHF antenna. Put Tiore punch in your Packet station with an AEA IsoPole or Hot Rod antenna, To order your new antenna contact your favorite Amateur Radio Distributor. For more information contact Advanced Electronic Applications, P.O. Box C-2160, Lynn wood, WA 98036, or call 206-775-7373,

144 220 440

135-160 210-230 415-465 >12Mhz @ 146Mhz >15Mhz @ 220Mhz >22Mhz @ 435Mhz

3 dbd 3 dbd 3 dbd

125.5" (3.2m) 79.25" (2m) 46" (1.2m)

Prices and Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation

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