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A high quality DTMF-encoder and keyboard designed exclusively for land mobile applications. Pipo Communications has developed a new keyboard for the land mobile industry, the P-7 Series of 12-key touchtone encoders. They come equipped with steel keys and sealed Gold Dome contacts. The miniature design witl fit most radios. The encoders aflow output level adjustment.There isn't any RFI, bu! there is very low distortion - High Audio Output win dnve any radio. The wide operating voltage range is 4 - 16 vdc, Current requirements are low: 1 mA in standby and 6 mA keyed at Ô Volts.

The P-7V and the P-7H both sell for $53. depending upon the amount wanted. For more information write or call Pipo Communications, P O. Box 2020r Pollack Pines. CA 95726-2020; 916-644-5444. or circle Reader Service card number 229.

The P- 71 and P- 7H f2-ke\ touehione encoders from Pipo Communications*


The FAX-1000 connects between your communications receiver and Epson graphics compatible printer \i allows you to print weaiher charts, satellite pictures and press photos. It witi copy AM facsimile signals sent by weather satellites or FM facsimile signals, which are normally sent on HF, The FAX-1000

The DGM FAX /000 FAX converter.

will copy all standard speeds and indices of cooperations Pictures can be inverted or printed m either direction. A TO segment bar graph allows you to accurately tune in the station copied. Automatic or manual copy modes are available In the automatic mode the unit will wait for the appropriate signals from the sending station to stan the frame finally stop printing. In ihe manual mode the operator can start the printing and manually frame the picture with a front panel button. Front panel LED indicators and pushbuttons make the FAX* 1000 easy to operate.

The FAX-1000 is housed in a compact, attractive RFl proof aluminum enclosure The unit \s powered by a 110 VAC wall transformer. which ¡s included. The FAX-1000 costs only $299, For more information con-tact:DGM Electronics, tnc.r 907 Elm wood Ave., Betoit, Wt 53511; 608-362-0410. Or circle Reader Service card number 228,

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