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In our continuing effort to present the best in amateur radio features and columns, weTve decided to go directly to the source—you, the reader. Articles and columns are assigned feedback numbers, which appear on each article/column and are also listed below. These numbers correspond to those on the feedback card opposite this page. On the card, please check the box which honestly represents your opinion of each article or column.

"What's in it for me?" comes the cry from our faithful readers. Beside the knowledge that you're helping us find out what you like (and don't like), we'tl draw one feedback card each month and award the lucky winner a free one-year subscription (or extension) to 73,

To save some money on stamps, why not fill out the Reader Service card, the Product Report card, and the Feedback card and put them in an envelope, Toss in a damning or praising letter to the edftor while youVe at it. You can also enter your GSL in our QSL of the Month contest. Ait for the lowT low price of 22 cents!

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