Penntek Instruments

Penntek Instruments announces the introduction of its new SA-500E 550 MHz Spectrum Analyzer. When connected to your X-Y display or oscilloscope, this instrument alfows Irequency domain signal sewing with an onscreen dynamic range of 70 dB. The display center frequency is adjustable from 1 to 550 MHz and is shown on the front panel digital meter. A precision 70 dB front panel RF input step-attenuator is included as a crystal-controlled frequency marker at 5 and 50 MHz intervals. Il can be used for measuring harmonic signal levels, finding spurious signals. CATV Signal level measurements, off-the-air signal analysis, production test and alignment, and two-way radio servicing. The price is $1,496. delivery stock to 3 weeks.

Write or call Penntek Instruments, 14 Peace Drive. Lewis-town PA 17044 (717-246-2507) for more information. Or circle Reader Service number 205.

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