Auhf Phone Sniffer Circuit Receiver

Figure 2. The modified circuit. Hie basic changes an in the diode strings, 20 73 Amateur Radio * March, 1988

2tKh the high voltage line increased about 300 volts, and power output increased by about 50 Watts,

The Nitty Gritty

Users may exercise their own options to mount the pans required lo complete the modification, One method is to \older the capacitors across the body of the diodes and to place the resistors to the foil side of the PC board. The 20Q resistor can be mounted on this side as well. Some people may choose lo mount the resistor on terminal strips located beside the PC board. Others may cut the PC board trace in appropriate locations and directly solder the resistor on the bottom of the board. This will depend on the size of the resistor-

This modification should be done on the SB-220 linear as well. Another diode in the series-string will keep a safety margin. If the manufacturer rates the diodes at 1000 PIV, for instance, a 750 PIV design rating builds in a 25% safety factor.

This modification doesn't take a great deal of time and can be classed as an easy weekender project for a stormy winter!

Figure 2. The modified circuit. Hie basic changes an in the diode strings, 20 73 Amateur Radio * March, 1988

Keith VESXZ has been a firefighter for seven years for the city of Prince Albert, Canada, as well as an emergency rescue instructor for St John s Ambulance, lie's been a ham for 17 years.

Ham City Radio

CB Radios &


Communications Electronics"

the world's largest distributor of radio scanners, introduces new models of CB, radar detectors and scanners,

NEW! Bearcat? 760XLT-SA

List price $499.95fCE price $294.95 12-Band, lOO Channel • Cryatalless * AC/DC

Frequency range29-54 1 id-J 74, ¿06-5 JZB06-956 MHz. EïChitiùS $23 98 75-849 0125 Md Ë6B 98 75 894,012$ M H I. The Bearcat 760XLT ^s 100 programmable chaiv nels organized as five channel banks for easy use. and 12 bands of coverage including the 800 M Hi band. You atso get automatic scanning of preprogrammed a^crati, po!iceH marine, and emergency services. It also includes Weather Search, Priority, Squelch, Lockout and Delay l( has automatic and manual band search to frnd new achve frequencies in other areas of the radio spectrum. The Bearcat 760XLT mounts neatly unde^ ihe dash and connects directly to fuse block or battery, The unit also has an AC adaptor, flip down stand and telescopic antenna fordesk top use. 6-5/16' W* 1W H x7 V D. Model BC580XLT-SA is a similar version without the 800 MHz. band for only $21 9.95.

Regency Rh256b

Regency^ TS2-SA

Ust price S499,95 CE price S3Q9.95/SPECJAL 12-Band, 75 Channel • Cry stalless * AC/DC

Frequency range; 29-54,118-175,406-5 i 2,806-950 MHz. The Regency TS2 scanner lets you monitor Military. Space Satellites, Government, Railroad, Justice Department, Slate Department, Fish & Game, Immigration, Marine, Police and Fire Departments, Aeronautical AM band, Paramedics, Anv ateur Radio, plus thousands of other radio frequencies most scanners can t pickup. The tfegency TS2 features new 40 channel per second Turbo Scan~ so you wont miss any of the action ModeJ TS1-RA is a 35 channel version of tnjs radio without the 800 MHz band and costs only 5239,95

Regency® RH256B-SA

List pr>CL> $799 95 CE price S329.95/SPECIAL 16 Channel • 25 Watt Transceiver • Priority

The flegency RH2565 is a si* teen-channel VHF land mobile transceiver designed to cover any frequency between 150 to 162 MHz. Since this radio is synihesized. no expensive crystals are needed lo store up to 16 frequencies without battery backup All radios come with CTCSS tone and scanning capabilities, A monitor and night/day switch is also standard This transceiver even has a priority function, The RH256 makes an ideal radio for any police or fire department volunteer because of its low cost and high performance A 60 Watt VHF 150-162 MHz. version called the RH606B-SA is available for $429.95 AUHF 15 watl 10 channel version of this radio cailed the RU150B-SA is also available and covers 450-482 MHz. but the cost is S419.95

SALE Bearcat® 100XL-SA

List pnce S349,95/C£ price S1 59,95/CLOSEOUT 9-3 and, 19 Channel * Priority * J carl Delay S earth • Limit * Moid * Lockout • AC/DC

Frequency range 30-50. 118-174. 406-512 MHz Umden has authorized CEI tocloseout the famous Beareaf lOGXL to make room ior new modeis ^nis scanner has a*^116 channels wrih frequency coverage lhat includes all public service bands. Wow., what a scanner1 Included in our low CE price is a sturdy carryjng case» earphone battery charger/AC adapter sm AA ni'cacJ batteries and flexible antenna. Since this is a special cloaeout price on our last 200 pieces, you mustorderyourtfearcaf today to take advantage of this excellent scanner opportunity.

The Uniden line of Ciiizens Band Radio transceivers is styled to compsiment Giner mobile audio equipment Uniden CB radios are so reliable that Ihey have a two , ear limited warranty From me feature packed PRO 540© to the 31 Oe hanoneld, there is no better Cozens Band radio of the market today

PR0310E-5A Untder 40 ch porra^= motjjecb S35 95 PR0330E-SA Uniden 40 ch remote mount cb s109 95 NIN j A- SA pr0310 E W ith recna rgeabte battery pac k $ 99 B-10-SAi aVAAN^cadban set dmoj S20 95

KARATE SA Unrrfen 40 ctv^nnel rescue raoso s69 95 PH052GE-SA Un den JO channel cb Mobile *59 95 PR0540E-SA Unitien 40 Channel cb mobile SI 19 95 PR0640 E-SA Jn.den 40 channel ssb cb mobile s1 59 95 PR0710E-SA Umdeo 40 channel ce base s" t9 35

PROBIOE saunj(jen40 channel ssbcb base si 7&.9s

Buy The finest Untden radai detectors from CEI foday. R07-SA Urricierr viSOT mount i^dar detector . $104.95 RD9-SA Uttiden "Passport1, site radar detector $1 29,95 RD9XL-SA Uniden micro" sire radar detector S1 59 95 RD25-SA Uniden visor maun! radar deiector 559 95 RDSOO-SA Uniden VfcBOr mount radar deiector . £79.95

NEW! Bearcat 200XLT-SA

/Vert Pfoduct-.Avaitat>le May. 19Q8 List price S509 95/CE price S299.95 f 2- Band, 200 Channel * 800 MHr- Handheld Search • Limit • Moid * Priority * Lockout range- 29*54, 11S-174 4Q$-$?2r 306-956 MH2 Excludes 323 9875-B490125 and Q6B 9875 894 0125 MHt

The Bearcat 200XLT set$ a new^ standard for handheld scanners in performance and dependability. This lull featured unj| has 200 programmable channels with 20 scanning banks and 12 band coverage. If you want a very similar modeJ without the 300 MHz. band and 100 channels, order the BC 10OXLT-SA for only §219.95, Includes antenna, carrying case with belt loop, ni-cad battery pack, AC adapter and earphone. Order your scanner now

Bearcat® 800XLT-SA

List price$499 95/CE priceS259.95/SPECiAL 12-Bsnd, 40 Channel + No-crystal scanner Priority control • Search/Scan • AC/DC

Bands: 29-54, 118-174. 406-512, 806-912 MHz The Uniden 800 XLT receives 40 channels m two banks

Scans 15 channelspt-r second Size3 4

ti you do not need the 300 MHz ^antl a similar mode called the BC 210XLT SA is available for $196 95.

Bearcat* 145XL-SA

List price Si 89.95/CE price S9B.95/SPEC1AL

10-Band, 16 Chann&l • No-crystal scanner Priority control * Weather search * AC/DC

Bands 29-54+ 136-174, 406-512 MHz. The Searcaf t 45XL rs a 16 channel, programmable scanner covering ten frequency bands. The umi features a tHitiMn delay function I hat adds a three second defay On lin channels ro prevent missed transmi5sion£i.

Bearcat® 175XL-SA

List prEce$279.95/CE price £156,95/SPECJAL 11 -Band, 16 Channel • Weather Search Priority control » 5earc/t/5c<wi • AC/DC

Bands 29-54, 1 18-174 406^512 MHz. The Bearcaf i 75XL has an automatic search feature lo locate ne^ ireQuencies Priority Jock out delay ^nd scan speed are all jncludea

Regency- Informant" Scanners

Frequency coverage 35-54 136-174 406-512 MHz The new» Regency Informant scanners cover virtually all the standard police fire emergency ¿nd weather ireouencres These special scanners are preprogrammed by si;:te in the jnits memory Just pick a state and a category The Informant does the resi Ail Informant radios have a feat^e called Turbo Scan' to scan up to ¿0 chanrreJs per second The INF1-SA is ideal lor truckers and is only S199 95 The new INF2*SA is a deluxe mpdel and has ham radJOH a weather alert and other exciting features built in for only S239,95. For base station use, the I NFS-SA is only $149,95 and ior those who can afford the best, the IN F3*SAat $209.95, is a state-of-the-art, receiver thai spells out what service» you re listining lo SU'ih as Military. Airphone, Paging. Stale Police. Coast Guard or Press.

Regency® HX1500-SA

List price S369 95 CE price SI79.95/SPECIAL

11-Band, 55 Channel * Handheld/Portable Search * Lockout • Priority • Bank Select Sidetit liquid crystal display * EAROM Memory Direct Channel Access Feature * Scan delay B¿>*ds 2§-54 11B *36 f -i 40B-42OL 4*0-5*; VW The new handneid Regency HX1500 scanner :s fully «.eyboard programmable tor the ultimate in versatility. You can scan up to 55 channels at the same time including the AM aircraft band The LCD display is even sideht for night use. Includes belt clip, flexible antenna and earphone. Operates on 8 1 2 Volt rechargeable Ni-cad batteriesinoi included) Be sure to order batrenes and battery charger from the accessory list m this ad.

A major consumer magaz me did a comparison study on cordless pnones Itie check .points included clarrty, efficiency and price Uniden was rated iDes" bey

XE300-SA Untdar* Cordless ^hone S69.95

XE500-SA Cordless P^Ont? a ift M^hng SS-i 95

XE7DO-SA un cf^nCoffllesi Phone with speake- Si 14.95

iririt Extended Warranty Program it you porcnase a scanner. CB raaar deii-Jlof or cord ess phone from any store in lfteU.S. or Canada vmlhin the last 30 days, you car* ga- up to th*ee yea^s ot enten^ed warrantv service from Warrantech. This service extension plan begins ^Trer Ihe rnanutaciu^e^^ warranty ie*pires Wairantech will perform all nece&Sdry tabor and wMf not charjt? ior return shipping. Extended warrarthesare non-feiund3Die and aopiy only to the Orig i n al pu n; ha ser. A two yea rex landed warranty on a mobile or tiaso scanner is S29.99 and three years is S39-99 For handheld scanners, 2 years is £59.9S rind 3 years is $79,95 For radar deieclors, two years i& $29.95, For CB radios, 2 years is $39.99 For cordless pJiones, 3 year* is $34.99 Order youi warranty lor your merchandise today.

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