Ampire, Inc,, offers a mast-mounted preamplifier with a helical filter installed in the preamp itself. This GaAsFET preamp is RF-switch-able. and is voftage-regulat-ed and RF-surge protected The three models of preamps available are the 146.1460S. and 440

The 146 and 1460S have a noise figure of 0.92 dB and 19-dB gain. Model 146 covers the entire

2-meter band. Model 1460S has a

3-dB bandpass of 600 kHz. and is also factory-tunable for a specific frequency at customer s request. Both modeis handle up to 160 watts.

Model 440 is factory tunable at 430-440 MHz Or 440-450 MHz. It has 0.75-dB noise figure, 15-dB gain, and handles up to 100 watts.

Models 146 and 1460S are $179r and Model 440 is $189 For further information call (612} 4257709. write Ampire inc , 10240 Nathan Lane, Maple Grove MN 55369. or circle Reader Service number 207

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