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Now you can stay in touch-even when you're away from vour radio.

With Yaesus 2 meter FT-212HH and 70-cm FT-712RH, an optional, internal digital voice recorder serves as a convenient answering machine for you and your friends. And that's just, the beginning!

High performance mobiles. The FT-212RH features wideband receive coverage of 140-174 MHz (144-148 MHz&X while the mi2RH covers 430-450 MHz, An oversize amber display includes an innovative photo-sensor which increases the display brightness during the day. The function buttons are arranged in a chromatic musical scale-ideal for visually-impan?d i »peralors. \ou get 45 wat ts < mtput on 2 meters, 35 watts on 70 cm.

An autodialer DTMF microphone with 10 memories, each ready to store telephone numbers up to 22 digits long.

And, like our FT-211RH Series mobiles, youll enjoy surprising)^ simple controls, yet highly sophisticated microprocessor-based flexibility. Including 18 memories that store frequency, offset, PL tone, and PLmode(CTCSS unit optional I Band or memory scanning. Offsei tuning from any memory channel. Memory channel lockout for scanning. High-low power switchAll in an amazingly small package, shown actual size below Digital voice recorder option. Only Yaesu brings you the advanced technology found in our digital voice recorder option.

You can store messages: or your call sign—in your own voice, not a synthesized replica -nr give your friends a private code for leaving messages on your radio. All they need is a DTMF microphone! Then you can play back your messages either in-person, or remotely by using another radio with a D TMF microphone; And you've always got security because you can command your radio to respond only to in person playback requests.

Visit vour Ifoesu dealer today. And test drive Yaesu's FT^212RH and FT712RH mobiles. The only radios with the power to keep you in touch. Always.

Yaesu 212rh



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