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Also new from AOR is a 25-oz. mobile scanner, model AR160, The receiver covers 29-52 MHzh 136-174 MHz, and 436-512 MHz. It includes a fused DC power cable, telescopic whip antenna, mobile mounting bracket with hardware, and an AC to DC converter for indoor use. A battery retains the memory if power fails. Also included is LED display, 20-key access to the microcomupter, and high receptivity for only $189.

Ace Communications will handle product marketing and service

through their Monitor Division located in Indianapolis, IN. For more information contact ACE COMMUNICATIONS, Monitor Division, 10707 East 106th St., Indianapolis IN 46256; 317-842-7115. Or circle Reader Service #204.


Communications Specialists introduces the SS-32SMP, a programmable CTCSS encoder for hand-held radios and other applications with size restrictions. Any 32 tone frequencies between 0.01 Hz and 255 Hz may be selected for storage into a 32-bit EEPROM memory. The SS-32SMP may al so be ordered to work as a six-tone encoder at no extra charge. Tone frequencies above 255 Hz may be ordered for a slight charge. The SS-32SMP features low impedance, low distortion, adjustable sinewave with adequate audio level to provide deviation for most hand-helds. It operates on 6-15 V DC so that voltage dropping resistors should never be re quired. The SS-32SMP is priced at $27.95. A Chip Component Kit for prototyping Surface Mount devices such as the SS-32SMP is also available. Communications Specialists^ Inc., 426 West Ta ft Avenue, Orange CA 92665-4296. Michael Beveridge, Office Manager; 714-998-3021, FAX 714974-3420. Or circle Reader Service number 212.

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ARI announces their new Logic Comparator, the AR-9QLMC. It features two modes of comparison normal or latch, and allows direct viewing of logic states in the built-in monitor mode. A custom IC makes it possible to use both TTL and CMOS logic in a single model. The unit operates at 20 MHz and can detect a single timing error as short as 50 nanoseconds. The unit also tests !Cs of up to 28 pins and includes both 16- and

28-pin test clips, an interconnect cable, carrying case, and operator s manuaL Priced at $379. American Reliance, 9241 E Valley Blvd., Rosemead CA 91770; 818-2878400. FAX 818-287-8855. Or circle Reader Service number 218.


Microwave Filter Company introduces its 6367 series of tunable notch filters for 30-900 MHz. These filters cover an approximate 2:1 frequency range with an adjustable 3 dB bandwidth. Tuning range for model 6367-1 is 3050 MHz, for model 6367-2 is 50112 MHz, for mode! 6367-3 is 88-216 MHz, mode! 6367-4 is 216-450 MHz, and for model 6367 5 is 450-900 MHz. Minimum notch depth is 13 to 30 dB, depending on model. Price of models 1-3 is $139, Model 4 is $179 and model 5 is $169 Specify 50O BNC connectors or 75Q F connectors. Or circle Reader Service number 209 for more information.


Microwave also has a new bandpass filter, model 6209. This bandpass Miter protects Ku-band digital information from interference by other satellite signals at the input to the receiver. Passband is 43-97 MHz and loss is 2 dB maximum. Return loss is 14 dB minimum. Lower stopband is 039 MHz and upper stopband rs

105-450 MHz. Rejection for both upper and lower stopbands is 30 dB minimum. Impedance rs 750 and connectors are BNC, The price is $225. For more information contact MICROWAVE FILTER COMPANY, INC., 6743 Kin-no St., East Syracuse NY 13057; 800-448-1666 or 315-437-3953f Ext. 52. For the Ku-band Receiver Bandpass Filtert ask for Jean Dickinson. Or circle Reader Service number 210.


The IRi Bank Controller, a Kenwood accessory, is available exclusively through International Radio. It allows front panel memory bank control on the TS-940S, eliminating the need to open the hatch to change the memory bank. The IRI Bank Controller is a direct, plug-in substitute for the Voice Synthesizer. Through the "Voice*1 button, the user can step through all four memory banks. Fully assembled, CMOS circuitry, no power drain to memory back

up cells. Price is $24.95 plus $5 for shipping and handling. International Radio, inc., 751 South Macedo Blvd., Port St, Lucie FL 34983; 407-879-6868. Or circle Reader Service number 213.

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