Atech Electronics

A-Tech announces the S!G Repeater Controller. It provides basic repeater functions, Voice ID, programmable Morse code tD, Autopatch, Reverse Autopatch, audio mixing, 16 I/O lines which control link radio, PL tones, relays, and a complete manual. An optional phone patch board is also available Touch tone commands are used to control the features such as the courtesy tones, tail squelch length, CW ID, and alarms. The SIQ repeater controller is available for $349,95. With phone patch, $449.95. A-TECH ELECTRONICS, 1033 Hollywood Wayr Burbank CA 91505; 818-845-9203. Or circle Reader Service number 206, processing software, 8088 microprocessor and offers 4.77 MHz and 7,16 MHz clock speeds, 640K, built-in graphic adapters (CGA, MDA, Hercules, Plantron-ics Color Plus), video and mouse interfaces and parallel and serial ports. These features eliminate the need to add costly expansion cards and avoid loss of valuable internal space. With its many expandable features and IBM-PC/ XT compatability, the Commodore Colt is designed for ease of use. Suggested retail price is $899,95. COMMODORE BUSINESS MACHINES; INC , 1200 Wilson Dr., West Chester PA 19360. Call iori Cross, at Fieish-man-Hiftard, Inc 213-629-4974 or Keith Lindenburg at 212-2659150. Or circle Reader Service number 205.

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