Kenwood Ulsa Corporation

2201E Domínguez St. Long Beach. CA90810 P.O. Box 22745, Long Beach. CA 90801-5745

1988 Amateur

25 watts high/5 watts adjustable low Programmable scanning-memory, band, or mode scan wilh "COM" channel and priority alert 10 memory channels for frequency, mode. CTCSS tone, offset. Two chan nets for odd splits. All mode squelch, noise blanker and RIT

Easy-to-read analog S & RF meter

• Dual digital VFOs

Semi break-in CW with side tone

• MC-48 16-key DTMF hand microphone and microphone hook included

• Frequency lock, offset, reverse switches

• Digital Channel Link (DCf_) option Optional accessories;

• CD-10 call sign display PS-430, PS-30 DC power supplies SW-100A/B SWR/power meter

• SW-200A/B SWR/power meter

• SWT-2 70 cm antenna tuner TU-7 38-tone CTCSS encoder MU-1 modem unit for DCL system

• VS-1 voice synthesizer

# MB-10 extra mobile mount - SP-40, SP-50B mobile speakers * PG-2N extra DC cable K • PG-3B DC line noise filter

^ deluxe base station micsr • MC-43S UP/DOWN mic.

• MC-55 {8-pin) mobile mic. MA-4000 dual band antenna with duplexer


Compact afl mode

It s the "New Sound" on the 2 meter band-Kenwood's TR-751 A! Automatic mode selection, versatile scanning functions, illuminated multifunction LCD and status lights all contribute to the rig s ease-of-operation. All this and more in a compact package for VHF stations on-the-go!

• Automatic mode selection, plus LSB 144.0 144 1 144 5145.8 146.0 14&0MHZ

Optional front panel-selectable 38-tone CTCSS encoder Frequency range 142149 MHz (modifiable to ^^ cover 141-151 MHz) High performance receiver with GaAs FET front end VS-1 voice synthesizer option

Furuno Gaas Fet Display

* Complete all band, all mode transceiver with general coverage receiver Receiver covers 150 kHz-30MH/.Ail modes built-in: AM, FMXW. FSK, LSB. USB.

• Superb, human engineered front panel layout for the OX-minded or contesting ham Large fluorescent tube mam display with dimmer direct keyboard Tiput of frequency flywheel type main tuning knob with optical encoder mechanism all combine to make the TS-940S a joy to operate.

• One-touch frequency check (T-F SET) during split operations.

• Unique LCD sub display indicates VFO, graphic indication of VBT and SSB Slope tuning, and time.

* Simple one step mode changing with CVYannouncement.

* Other vital operating functions, Selectable semi or full break-in CW (QSK). RIT/XIXall mode squelch, RF attenuator filter select switch, selectable AGC, CW variable pitch control, speech processor,and RF power ouipul control, programmable band scan or 40 channel memory scan.

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AF tune operation

AF Tln£ function mlerioting ,vfrfte noise

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Irnorienng s^iii^t mn the ctnlfir or Ih* tiFp&sr-od Mgrtal

VG-45&CN-1 (250 H.p>. YK-88C-1 (500 Hz) CW - BS-8 pan display * SW-200Aand SW-2000 KENWOOD USA CORPORATION

filters; YK-88A-1 (6 kHz} AM filter *VS-1 voice SWR and power meters • IF-232C/IF-10B 2201E. DominguezSL, Long Beach, CA 90810

synthesizer * SO-1 temperature compensated computer interlace PO. Box 22745, Long Beach, CA 90801-5745

Compters service manuals areavattable for a/1 Kenwood transceivers ¿r rf most accessory

Specif* arrons. feaiurei and prices aresubiei \ fo change without notice or obligation

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