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SunFtex, a lightweight, durable, and flexible Sovonics solar battery charger, is available from Hal-Tronix. SunFlex is equipped with blocking diodes to prevent dis-ch arge of the battery at night or on cloudy days. MA-2, the most compact generator, can be plugged into a cigarette fighter. MA-3 maintains boat or RV batteries. The MA-5 can power portable ra

Kenwood 2500 Battery


Periphex has a new battery pack for the Kenwood TR-2500/ 3500 and the TR-2600A/3600A.

dios, MA-10 gives standby power for deep discharge batteries. MA-20 is useful for versatile mounting applications, and MA-30 may be used for single applications or arraying. The price range for these product is $80 to $475. Contact Hal-Tronix, 12671 Dix-Totedo HwySouthgate Ml 48195. Antennas West address is 1971 N. Oak Lane 1300 E.f Provo UT 84604; 801-374*1084. Circle Reader Service number 208 for more information.

The PB-25S/26S, 8.4 V/900 rnA battery pack has double the capacity of the original PB-25 or -26 packs. It is compatible with the Kenwood ST-2 base charger, MS-1 mobile charger, and the trickle wali charger. The PB-25S/26S includes overcharge, over temperature, and short circuit protection. Priced at $65 plus $3 shipping. Contact Periphex, Inc., 149 Palmer Road, Southbury CT 06488; 800-634-8132. In CT, 203264-3985 For more information circle Reader Service number 206.


Microwave Filter Company has a series of 6556 notch filters. Installed in the filters is a block band to eliminate strong terrestrial interference and to clear a dedicated service channel. These filters are pretuned, but are adjustable in frequency and bandwidth. Model S6556 is a singie notch filter. While Model D6556 has two notches with 10 MHz below and above channel center. Notch loss is 16 dB minimum at the factory set bandwidth of 3 MHz The units may be retuned + 25 MHz minimum. They have type F connectors and an impedance of 75Q. The price of the S6556 is $139, and the D6556 is $249. Contact Linda QeCoursey for a copy of Bulletin 09, which describes this series of


The Weller1* Pyropen from CooperTools" may be used as a soldering iron or hot air gun. With push-button ignition, it's useful for single-handed and field operation. The 4,4-ounce cordless Py-

filters. For technical information, contact Steve Shafer, Microwave Filter Company, Inc., 6743 Kinne St., East Syracuse NY 13057; 800-448-1666 or cafl collect 315437-3953 for New York, Hawaiif Alaska, and Canadian residents. For more information circle Reader Service number 212.

ropen has about three hours burning time before it needs refilling The price is $76.40 and it is available from CooperTools™, PO Box 728, Apex NC 27502. For more information circie Reader Service number 205.


Available from Bradley & Associates is the 13 telb LVM-3 Wind Generator, made by L.V. Motors, for charging 12/24 V lead acid batteries. It incorporates a 12-pole, 3-phase permanent magnet alternator, 30-inch diameter fan, an aluminum tail fin, and requires no special installation. The LVM-3 generates high output at moderate wind speeds. It is thermally protected from overloading during periods of constant high winds. An optional shunt regulator to prevent battery overcharge at an unattended installation is also available. The suggested retaif price is $1,098. LVM/Bradley & Associates Marketingf 5147 South Harvard, Suite 123, Tutsa OK 74135 Circle Reader Service number 207 for more information.

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