Motron Electronics

The MoTron Auto-Kali HF-Atert is a caliingtalerting system designed for use with HF SSB/CW. It will also work on VHF/UHF, FM/ AM. CB, and marine HF/VHF. 225^ code combinations are possible. The HF-Alert allows the user to be contacted by radio without his having to constantly monitor the bands.

The HF-AJert comes with mobile mounting bracket, 117 VAC power supply for base operation, and an audio patch-cord, tt ts easily set up by connecting the patch-cord from the radio's external jack to the HF-Aiert's audio input, A built-in speaker is provided or an external speaker can be used. The calling signal is sent either by directly keying a CW transmitter or by piacing the microphone next to the speaker. Price, $129.95. MoTron Electronics, 695 IV. 21 st Ave., Eugene OR 97405; 1-800338-9058 or 503-687-2118I For more information circle Reader Service number 207.

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