International Radio

international Radio Inc. announces the IRI Tuning Upgrader which comes in three models for the TS-440, the TS-940, and the TS-930. The Tuning Upgrader lets you fine-tune incoming stations with ease, yet also move across the bands in seconds. Uses low-power CMOS circuitry. Has a speed indicator LED. Comes with clear instructions for installation,

Correctly installed, the \R\ Tuning Upgrader will not void your Kenwood warranty. If you do not wish to do the installation yourself, International Radio can do it for $22.50 plus shipping. Each model is $34.95 plus $5 postage. Specify TU-440-541, TU-940-539, TU-930-540, International Radio tnc.f 751 South Macedo Blvd., Port St. Lucie FL 34983; 407^879-6868. Circle Reader Service number 213,

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