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Stone Mountain's KW-QSYer for Kenwood rigs provides high speed keying and easy frequency selection. Its full-size keypad is inclined at a 10 degree angle for comfort as well as speed. It is popular with contesters and blind operators. It has an internal speaker that sounds a different tone for each key. The KW-QSYer works with the TS-940 series (with the Kenwood IF-10B interface), theTS-440 series (with the iC-10 interface), the TS-14Q series (with the IF-10C interface), theTS-711/811 series (with the IF-10A interface), and requires an 8-16V, 100 mA. external DC supply. The sister models are available for the 757GX, 757GX-II, 767GX, and the IC-735. Priced at $89.50 plus $2.50 shipping. A companion 12-volt DC wall supply for the KW-QSYer is $10. For more information contact Stone Mountain Engineering Company, Box 1573, Stone Mountain GA 30086; 404-879-0241. Circle Reader Service number 215,

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