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Figure a) The LED Checker schematic, h) Top vie IV of the transistor socket.

Photo A. The LED checker.

The switch is held in place by the mounting hardware that comes with it, The socket is pressure-fit and held in place with a good cement, such as super glue.

Solder the black (-> wire of the battery-connector to one side ofS Land solder the red {+) wire to one of the solder contacts on the test socket. Next, solder the 680ft resistor between the unused connector on the test socket and S1 - (Refer to Figure 1.)

A battery compartment spacer is constructed by cutting two pieces of cardboard R " x 2*4 " and gluing or taping them together. A small piece is cut off the bottom to allow access to the battery wires (Figure 2)

Cut the label to the correct size and cover the back with rubber cement. This will attach your label securely to the plastic case. He sure to line up the cut-outs in the label with the socket and SI.

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