MFJ945C «7905

Don't leave home without this mofcfc tuner' Have an uninterrupted trip as the MFJ-945C extends your antenna bandwidth and eliminates the need to stop, go outside and readjust your mobile whip.

You can operate anywhere in a band and get low SWA. You'll get maximum power out ol your solid state or tube rig and it'll run cooler and last longer

SmaH 8x2x6 inches uses little room. SWÏU Wattmeter and convenient placement of controls make tuning fast and easy while in motion. 300 watts PEP output, efficient airwound inductor, 1000 voit capacitors. Mobile mount, MFJ 20. $3.00.

MFJ-1702, S19.95. 2-posiBwis.

60 dB isolation at 450 MHz. Less than 2 dB loss. SWR below 1:1.2.

MFJ 1701, $29.95. 6-posltiens. Unused positions grounded. For desk or waif mount

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