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No other repeaters or controllers match Mark 4 in capability and features. That's why Mark 4 is the performance leader at amateur and commercial repeater sites around the world. Only Mark 4 gives you Message Master™ real speech • voice readout of received stgnal strength, deviation, and frequency error * 4-channel receiver voting • clock time announcements and function control * 7-helical filter receiver * extensive phone patch functions Unlike others, Mark 4 even includes power supply and a handsome cabinet

2 meters 220 440

Create messages just by talking. Speak any phrases or ! words in any languages or dialect and your own voice is stored instantly in solid-state memory. Perfect for emergency warnings, club news bulletins, and DX alerts. Create unique ID and tail messages, and the ultimate in a real speech user mailbox — only with a Mark 4.

• General Chairman, Bill Mcft'abb, WD8SAY

► Giant 3 day flea market * Exhibits • License exams • Free bus service

Flea market tickets and grand banquet tickets are limited. Place your reservations early, please.

Flea Market Tickets

A maximum of 3 spaces per person (non-transferable), rickets {valid all 3 days) will be sold in ADVANCE ONLY. Pio spaces sold at gate, Vendors MUST order registration ticket when ordering flea market spaces,

Asst. General Chairman, Ed HilJman, rfBALM

1989 Deadlines

Award Nominations: March 15 Lodging: April 7 Ucense Exams: March 26 Advance Registration and banquet:

USA - April 4 Canada - March 31 Flea Market Space:

Spaces will be allocated by the Hamventlon committee from all orders recieved prior to February 1, Express Mail NOT be necessaiyl notification of space assignment will be mailed by March 15, 1989.

Special Awards nominations are requested for 'Radio Amateur of the Year/ 'Special Achievement* and 'Technical Achievement* awards. Contact; Hamventlon Awards Chairman, Box 964, Dayton, OH 4540 L


General Information: (513)433-7720

or. Box 2205, Dayton, OH 45401 Lodging Information: (513) 223-2612 (No ReservatJons By Phone)

License Exams

Movice thru Extra exams scheduled Saturday and Sunday by appointment only. Send FCC form 610 (Aug* 1985 or later) - with requested elements shown at top of form, copy of present license and check for prevailing ARRL rates (payable to ARRL/VEC) to: Exam Registration, 8830 Windbluff Point Dayton, OH 45458


Please write to Lodging, Dayton Hamvention, Chamber Plaza, 5th fif Main Streets, Dayton, OH

45402 or refer to our 1988 i lamvention program for lodging information which includes a listing of hotel/motels located in the surrounding areas of Dayton, Reservations for the surrounding area will then become the responsibility of the individual.

HAMVEMTIOPi is sponsored by the Dayton Amateur Radio Association Inc.

Dayton Hamvention 1989 Reservation Deadline - USA-April 4, Canada-March 31 Flea Market Resen

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How Many


How Many

Deadline: February 1

(valid all 3 days) Qrand Banquet

indicated money order for I a seir addressed stamped

Please Type or Frint your name and Address clearly.


Women s Luncheon

Flea Market {Max, 3 spaces)

$25/1 space $50/2 adjacent payable to - Dayton

Admission ticket must $ 150/3 adjacent $. be ordered with flea market tickets Total

Admission ticket must $ 150/3 adjacent $. be ordered with flea market tickets Total

ïfS.:1?: iiii"?-; ■■ tt Î WîâKÏiSûriiE a

Mail to - Dayton

ïfS.:1?: iiii"?-; ■■ tt Î WîâKÏiSûriiE a payable to - Dayton

Mail to - Dayton

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