Scp Heavy Duty Amp Rack Mt Power Supply

• Massive 30 lb. Transformer fi, Heat Sinks.

SCAP Autopatch Board

•Provides all basic autopa'ch functions •Secure 3 Digit Access: 1 AuxOn-Off function, Audio AGC: Built-in timers: etc Beautiful Audiot •Ml inhibit t>d. also available

•Write/call for details and a data sheet

RPCM Board

•Used w/SCAP board to provide "Reverse Patch*' and Land-lino Control of Repeater •Includes land-line "answering ' circuitry

Lightning Arrester For Autopatch

•Gas Discharge Tube shunis phone line surges to ground

•Handles up to 40,000 Amps! •The Best device available to protect Autopatch equipment from lightning damage. $17,00 + S/H

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