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 w right, afready! SO W, the popular electronics and amateur radio books you 've been hounding poor old Uncle Wayne for are here! Sow you can build up your hamshack library with these soft-cover favorites.,.

•TK fK%t\ Ml* MMttfc by Jonathan I,. Mayo KR3T '\..an excellent piece of work. Well worth reading for both the experienced and the new packeteer . ,the definitive guide to amateur packet operation/'

-Gwyn Reed) WtBEL Only S 14.95

•TiC KtJIIIff'S ftlftMfc ABHtir fctti*

— JU EllflH by Clay Laster

Combines theory and practice in an easy-to-understand format, and provides information tor choosing and installing radio receivers and transmitters. antennas, transmission lines, and tesi equipment. 400 pages, 291 illustrations SI6.95

•I* W»cr fIfecftvt ¡CtttlfKS I* Ktf* Fttrs by Eugene B. Tilton K5RSG

256 pages, tfl illustrations $10.00

•Semis 01 Nam m* DXinq by Dave Ingram K4TWJ iHard Cover only) 176 pages, 102 illusirations $12,95

lustrations $17,95

•Semis 01 Nam m* DXinq by Dave Ingram K4TWJ iHard Cover only) 176 pages, 102 illusirations $12,95

•Trttsaiffcr MrttJlH flrilM


by Joseph D. Mot it KêOV and Thomas jV. Curiee

WB6VZZ 336 paces. 248 it-

lustrations $17,95

•The Digital NtVltt by Jim Grubbs K9Ei

Your guido 10 Ehe fascinating worlds of communication that have just opened for thousands of amateur radio operators. Now you can learn about everything from Morse code to the latest in packet radio technology» $9,95

* The Cl—Hire JbiB'i CMptiM by Jim Grubbs K9EI

160 pages of useful information on selecting a Commodore computer tor the ham shack, where to lind specialized programs* rhe Commodore-packet connection, and more! $9.95

•waster nmuxi of 1001 circuiis— s«im -siaic tain«

by KendaU Webster Sessions With this outstanding reference in hand, electronics hobbyists and professionals will never have to search for schema!ics again Completely updated, the book is thoroughly tndexed and all 100\ circuits arc clearly illustrated. 4^0 pages. $19.95 soft cover

• me COIfcSl COIhDMh by Bill Zachary MOP

One of ham radio's w inn ingest comesters lets you in on the tips and techniques of the Big Guns, You'll learn which duping method to use. find out what equipment you'll need, ^nd discover the secret ol building a pileup Includes separate chapters on DX and domestic contests $5.95 while they last!

•Tfe Higlc If 141 Ml« by Jeroid Swank KW8UXR* begins with a brief history of amateur radio and Jerri 's involvement in it, Pan 2 details many of ham radio's heroic moments. Hamdom's close ties with the continent of Antarctica ure the subject of Pan 3 In Pan 4 the strange and humorous sides of hum life gel I heir due. And what of ihe future? Part 5 peers into the crystal ball Only $4.95

• * KM PftSS Services f rejteicks CATTV1 by Thomas Harrington WSOMV A comprehensive manual cohering Radioteletype news monitoring -contains all information—antenna, receivers, terminal units, plus three extensive frequence lists. Covers 65 World Press Services broadcasting in English. "The Original Press Book." K4 pages. $8,95

The new and only up-to-date Rl TY book in existence. Covers al! facets of RTTY—RTTY and Home Computers—mosi comprehensive RTTY guide ever published. Fully illustrated. A must for RTTY fans. 112 pages. $8.95

•SMIftltc CUMtStlfte CMMeilW by Gerry /„ Dexter

Fascinating reading- new book covers all clandestine broadcasting, country by country—tells frequencies» other unpublished information—spy—insurgents-freedom fighters—rebel—anarchist radio—secret radio—covers all Current publication 84 pages $8.95

Scrambling and De scrambling by Brent Gait & Frank Bay tin , This new book was written for readers u ho do not have a technical education, but ^ ho want to ha^e an understanding of the technology of satellite and cable scrambling and deserambling. 256 pages. $19,95

* Short wm Mreettry by Frank Bay tin

A compleie directory listing all domestic and foreign station frequencies data from 1.6 MB? to 30 MHz. Over 6.000 listings of Air Forces, Navies. Army, energy, emergency, spy, smugglers, pirate clandestine^, aero federal ^pace. iinterpol and mane more services Covers all types of transmission modes. SSB, RTTY. FAX, CW and AM, $17,95

• m HJMCI SlqMlS M StiCMt TV by Thomas PHarrington and Bob Cooper Jr. New book shows and tells how to luue in the many thousands of Telephone, Data. Telex. Teletype, Facsimile Signals on most of the TV Satellites, covers equipment, hook-ups. where to tune. Only book covering ihcse secret signals on the satellites, plus a 1 ] suhcamer> 2 pages $ 19.95

Floppy disk for IBM PC\ XTf AT and compatibles. Learn the International Morse code or improve your capabilities. One diskette will take you from beginner through extra class in easy self-paced lessons. Standard or Farnsworth mode. Code speeds from 1 to over 100 words per minute, $20.00

Yes. pljce> you've never even heard of Neart> 400 DX countries gleaned from the Awards Lists of duzens of IARU members—more countries than any other map available anywhere! ARRL/s DXCC map doesn't even come closet 73 Magazine offers readers our giant DX Map of the World (in classic black and whitej for the absurdly How price of only $5.00 plus $1,00 postage and handling.

_J The Contest Cookbook- 55.95

I □ The Packet Radio Handbook SI4.95

| □ The Beginner's Handbook of Amateur Radio $16.95

j □ DX Power: Effective Techniques for Radio Amateurs , . . +. ., SI0,00

□ Transmitter Hunting: Radio Direction Finding Simplified 17.95

I _ The Commodore Ham's Companion 9.95

I □ Master Handbook of 100! Circuit* 19.95

, □ World Press Services Frequencies CRTTY)i 8.95

□ Shortwave Clandestine Confidential , T, ,,,,, 8,95

1 □ Satellite and Cable TV Scrambling 19.95

I □ The Hidden Signals on Satellite TV $19,95

j □ GGTE Morse Tuior floppy disk $20,00

1 Add $1,00 for po^a^e & handling. For FIRST CLASS MAIL add an I additional Si.50 fur prompter deliver*

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