Now it's easy to add a multi-band remote to your repeater.

Your repeai.tr can link to any frequency on up to sbi bands with ACC s new Interface to the tCOM IC-9Q0 Super Mult i-Bander System.

Our new FC 900 Interface t otuiecLs your ACC controller lo the JCOM band units (the ICOM fiber optic controller and Intr: face arent needed), Add new bands lo your system by just adding band unlls. And best of ail - everything just plugs together!

If you've bulk remotes before, you'll appreciate the simplicity - and |]ihh performance. If you haven't, now is (he time to add a new remote base or linking system to your repeater.

Extend the range* of your repeater, link to other repeaters for emergency and public service activities, and benefit from the elevation of your repeater site for all bands. From ten meter DX io 1200 MHz Linking and everything in between.

ACC pioneered freqency agite remotes and link« on repeaters years ago, Now we've made It easy. One more reason that ACC is the right choice for your repeater system.

Write or mil for more information oil ACC's line of repeater controllers, voice storage in ills, and the new FC-900 Interface.

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