Elenco Electronics

The EEenco Superhel 550 AM Radio Kit is a superheterodyne receiver of the standard AM frequencies. IE uses seven transistors. By placing the parts over their corresponding symbols in the schematic drawing on the surface of the PC board, teaming is enhanced during assembly Included is an excellent assembly, lesson, and theory manual. Good projeci for classroom studies. Price. S20. Elenco Electronics. Inc., 150 West Carpenter Avenue, Wheeling IL 60090. 312-5413800. FAX: 312-520-0085. Circle Reader Service number 202,


Valor Enterprises" Model PUC 450 UHF collinear gain antenna ieatures 100 Watt power rated Motorola base and silver-plated spring loaded contact. The unit has a 450-470 MHz frequency range. Price ยป5 $40. Valor Enterprises. tnc . 185 West Hamilton Street, West Milton OH 45383, (513) 698-4194.. Watts: 800-5432197: FAX: (513) 698-7273; Telex 724-3891 Attn; Valor Circle Reader Service number 206.

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