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Kenwood brings you the greatest hand-held transceiver ever! More than just "big rig performance? the new TH-215A for 2 m,TH-315A for 220 MHz, and TH-415A for 70 cm pack the most features and the best performance in a handy size. And our full line of accessories w:ll let you go from harnshack to portable to mobile with the greatest of ease!

• Wide receiver frequency range.

Receives from 141-163 MHz, Includes the weather channels' Transmit from 144 -148 MHz Modifiable to cover 141-151 MHz iMARS or CAP permit required),

• TH-315A covers 220-225 MHz, TH-415A covers 440-449 995 MHz.

• 5. 2,5t or 1,5 W output, depending on the power source Supplied battery pack PB-2> provides 2.5 W output Optional NiCd packs for extended operation or higher RF output available

• CTCSS encoder built-in, TSIM CTCSS decoder optional

• 10 memory channels store any offsetT in 100-kHz steps.

• Odd split, any frequency TX or RX, in memory channel 0"

• Nine types of scanning! Including new "seek scan" and priority alert. Also memory channel lock-out.

• Irrteliigent 2-way battery saver circuit extends battery life. Two battery-ssvei modes to choose, with power saver ratio selection.

• Eas/ memory r^call Simply press the channel number

• 12 VDC input terminal for direct mobile or base station supply operation When l2 volts applied, RF output is 5 Wi (Cable supplied!)

• New Twist-Lok Positive-Connect locking battery case,

• Priority alert function.

• Monitor switch to defeat squelch,

Used to check the frequency when CTCSS encode'decode is used or wnen squelcn is on

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