Holes On P C Board

Mod Checkout

Attach the power cord and turn on the rig. Check the voltage on the relay to see that it turns on and off when the beep switch is depressed and out. Set the LED readout for 29.000 MHz of your L'niden. With the beep switch out and the radio in the FM mode, key the transmitter and read the transmit frequency with a counter, it should be within 1 kHz or less of what the LED readout on the radio shows. If it isn't, you have made a mistake. Go back and check your work care-fiilly.

If the transmit frequency is not the same a^ thai indicated by the readout (but within 1 kH/.h adjust LI 17 to obtain the same frequency as that displayed by the LED readout. Put the radio in lower side band fLSB) mode. Set the R1T in the dead center position, i.e. the vertical or the 12 o'clock position. Generate a signal with a 100 kHz generator like that found in older analog ham receivers. Bring the radio close enough that the signal can be heard in sour Lniden radio Zero beat the Uniden radio with this signal using J^ 118. It should take no more than one turn. Then change the rig to upper side band (USB) mode. Zero beat again using LI 16. This reestablishes receiver tracking

That concludes the modification of the radio. Replace its covers. The beep switch must be out to transmit on AM or Side Band, and for FM simplex The beep switch should be depressed when you want to transmit on the offset frequency characteristic of ten meter repeaters.


We suggest one additional modification lor

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