Lynn V. Manalo DU1AUJ AsiaNet Packet Network Box 68, U P Diliman Quezon City 3004 Republic of the Philippines

[We were happy to receive this report from DU1AUJ: in fact, we are always happy to receive re-ports from citizens of all countries outside the USA. particularly when there has been a long si-fence from a Hambassador. Lynn is thought to be the first Asian woman to go on HF packet and is the only XYL station on AM TOR andRTTY. She is active on 20 and 15 meters, and is active daily beginning around 1300 UTC;

presently she handles the Asia YL-Net on 21.188 every Sunday at 0700 UTC.—CCC]

The Republic of the Philippines has been a center for world news since the days of what they called The Peaceful Revolution," With alt the changes in the government, the progress of amateur radio was not hampered. Activities, particularly in packet related matters, grew, and success followed success.

On Juiy 1T 1986. Eddie DU1UJ with Kohjtn JR1EDE founded the AsiaNet Packet Network For several months they were the only stations handling traffic alt throughout Asia but later were joined by AX4BBS (Brian VK4AHD) and Gil VK6AGC This expanded the operations quite a bit, as did the next additions, 9M2BBS (David 9M2DT) and YB1 BBS-Kinta. With all this cooperation, they later decided to move to 14.111 MHz from 14.107 MHz to have a good link with the USA This made it possible to hook into SkipNet. And with the efforts that these feilow amateurs are making, the world is heiped to meet one common objecifve: to promote friendship and brotherhood.

Locally, on VHF. there are many packet bulletin board systems operating, in the Metropolitan Manila area there is DU1BBS operated by Eddie DU1UJ, Art DU1 AULt Glenn DUICUP, Mon

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