Nemal Electronics

Nemal Electronics International has introduced a series of new precision video and audio cables for broadcast, video and RF applications. Both cables comply with the new National Electrical Code requirements, and carry the "CL2" rating.

Nemal part no. 1570 is a precision video coax, simitar in size to RG-59/U. offering excellent shielding, low loss {0.7 dB per 100 ft. at 10 MHz), flexibility and low cost ($235 per 1,000 ft.}. Nemal part no. 2201A is a one-pair 22 GA cable with foif shielding and dram wire featuring reduced diameter (0,135"), crush resistant construction, and single strip removal of both jacket and foil- The audio cable is available in 7 colors, and in multiple pair counts up to 32 pair, for S 79 per 1,000 ft.

Both cables are available either in bulk or pre-terminated, and either on spools or in puli-out boxes, Contact Nemat Electronics inter-national, Inc.. at (914) 359-3333 or FAX (914) 359-3607: Or circle Reader Service No. 204.

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