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Efenco's Digital Multimeter A handy multitester probe.

It was bound to happen. In this age of high tech watches, LCD speedometers, and pagers-in-a-pen, it was only a matter of time until some of that new technology filtered down to the lowly electronics technician. The most common high tech test tool lately is the digital multimeter probe.

The Eienco Electronics M190Q probe is an excellent example of this new technology. Based on a custom-designed 80-pin LSI chip, the unit packs a variety of features m a hand^ held package. The LSI chip means a low over-aEI parts count, which equals high stability and reliability.

buttons are right where your fingers expect them to be. The ohms function has an audible alarm for continuity testing. Hard-to-get-at places are a cinch to reach, especially with the three-inch probe tip extension,

Measurement ranges are suitable for most general ham use—200 mV to 500 V DC, 2 V to 500 V AC, and 200 to 20 MO.

Minor Drawbacks

The unit will withstand a 700 V peak pulse in either voltage mode, which means you won't be troubleshooting your kilowatt linear power supply. Another minor drawback is the lack of

. . . it was oniy a matter of time until some of that new technology filtered down to the lowly electronics technician^

Advanced Features Easy Access

Until recently, features such as auto ranging and auto polarity, LCD display with various function annunciators, overrange indicators, and a data-hold function, were found only on high-priced units. The low-priced M1900 has alt these.

Using the M19Q0 gets easier with each reading. The unit fits the hand well, and all the a current measurement mode. While this may be a problem for some hard-core experimenters, most beginners won t find this loo much of an obstacle.

The Elenco Electronics M1900 Digital Multimeter provides functions unheard of a few years agoh at a very reasonable cost. Whether as a spare meter in the bottom of the toolbox or an experimenter's primary instrument, the M1900 is a soEid test equipment value, H

Ameritron gives you a full kilowatt output of peak envelope power for only SW5 ~ from a whisper quiet linear that \ perfect for your operating desk because it mi-u ures just 8U " H \ 14* D x 14'* " W.

You could spend over twice the money for a legal power limi* amplifier twice the size — and all you'll get is an additional 1/3 S-umt — ii difference >ou won'l ever notice.

You also get 850 watts output on CW and even 500 watts on RTTY,

AH Band Coverage

You gel all hand coverage: rated output on Ifii). 80, 40. 20 and 15 meters (10 meters with user mod/export) as well as 80% rated output on MARS and WARC hands.

Tuned Input lets solid state rigs deliver full output

The Ameritron AL-80A uses a direct switched, 1005? shielded pi-network tuned input circuit that provides an excellent load for an\ rig, Even the fussiest solid state transmitter works flawlessly with the AL-80A.

Pi-L Output Tank

A carefully designed Pi-L output tank using the optimum Q Ibr each band gives you exceptionally smooth tuning, extremely wide range load impedance matching and full band coverage - even on 160 and HO meters — pi its you get an extra 10 to 15 dB of harmonic suppression

You also get peak performance at different power levels from one end of ihe band lo the other.

Bali bearing vernier reductions drives on boih the plate and load control makes tuning precise and easy.

3-500Z Tube in shielded RF compartment gives you nearly 70% efficiency

You gel the rugged time proven 3-500Z tube with an estimated life of 20,000 hours ICAS. I ial's near)) 20 years operating 20 hours a week -you mav never have to replace your tube.

The AL-80A is built on a nigged steel chassis. It has a separate RF compartment (hat's folly shielded to keep unwanted RF from leaking out. This keeps RFi and TV1 to an absolute minimum.

A superb R\ design and layout, a Hi-Q tank circuit and commercially rated RF power components give you nearly 70% plate efficiency over the entire operating range. This puts maximum power info your antenna instead of heating up your amplifier,

A whisper quiet internal computer style fan duws in cool air over the power supply components and blows it around the 3-500Z tube This removes excessive heat and gives you reliable performance.

Built-in adjustable ALC circuit keeps your exciter from overdriving your AL-80A. The result? A clean signal without fiat-topping,

A standby switch prevents harmful thermal shock to your 3-500Z filaments b\ keeping them lighted when you4 re operating barefoot.

Gutsy Heavy Duty Power Supply heavy duty power supply, picture of the operating condition of your

A husky 22 pound power transformer using AL-8ÜA. Thej let you know right awav if a high silicone steel core, computer grade filter capacitors totaling 26 ufd, heavy duty bleeders and ten 3 amp, 1000 V power rectifiers gi\e a stiff 2700 volts fully loaded.

Some competing high priced amplifiers using two 3-500Zs eon 7 give you much more power output than the AI-80A. Why? Because their lightweight power supplies can't deliver enough high voltage for the tubes.

Step-Start Inrush Protection™

When you first turn on your amplifier, a massive inrush current Hows,

Your house lights dicker as you hear a loud "thump from your amplifier. ! his terrible inrush current stresses all your power supp!.\ components to their limits* Your cold lube- filament suffers itbusi\e thermal shock.

Eventually, this massive inrush current wil) damage your amplifier

I le AL-80A special Step-Stan inrush

Ameritron gives you . • . a full Kilowatt from a quiet desktop linear for $995

1990 Ham Radios

Protection™ stops damaging inrush current.

By starting your AL 80A through a 10 ohm current limiting resistor, then shorting the resistor with a relay, the AL-80A gives you a start up sequence that is easy on your tube and power supply components.

Don't consider a linear amplifier without this critical protection.

Multi-Voltage Primary protects your amplifier and gives you peak performance

Too high a line voltage stresses components and causes them to wear out and fail* Ton low line voltage causes a Msoft-tube" effect — low output and signal distortion.

The Multi-Voltage Primary in the AL 80A transformer lets you compensate for too high or loo low line voltage.

With the AL-80A you get the longest component life and peak operating efficiency - regardless of your line voltage.

Before you bu> an amplifier make sure it has a mult i- volt age primary.

Dual Illuminated Meters

Two large meters give you a complete there is a problem.

Grid current of the 3-500Z is monitored continuous!) by one meter. Grid Current indicates proper amplifier operation better than an> other parameter.

You also get a multi meter that measures plate voltage, plate current, peak RF watts output and drive power/ALC detector voltage.

Comes completely factory built, tested and guaranteed to work * - , , . . not a kit you have to build

You get a full kilowatt right out of the box -- ready to plug in and bust through QRM in minutes.

A kit could actually end up costing you more than your best price on the At -80A -and leave you frustrated if you can't get it to work.

A factory built AL80A has much higher resale and irade-in value than a kit. Why? Because Ameritmn's reputation for consistent quality and workmanship is known by hams everywhere.

Two Year Warranty: Twice the protection of our nearest competitor

No other kilowatt amplifier on the market comes with a 2 year warrant). In the unlikely event that there are defects in materials or workmanship. we ll fix it free for 2 years from the date of purchase. The 3-500Z is covered by the tube manufacturer's warranty.

Committment to Service

Even after the 2 year warrant\ period, Ameritron Customer Service Technicians are available to help you keep your AL-80A performing flawlessly - no matter how long you have it. Just call 419-531-3024,

Call your dealer today

Bust through QRM with a full kilowatt from the Ameritron AL-80A - t ight out of the bdX. Call your favorite dealer for your best price and order today!

Lightning Fast QSK Switch

The optional Ameritron P1N-5 QSK switch gives vou lightning fast T/R switching for full CW break-in, AMTOR, Packet and other QSK modes for only S 189.50.

It lets you switch the legal limit in microseconds into 2:1 VSWR loads with less than 0.5 dB recei\e attenuation.

Factory installation is available.

> , . (he linear amplifier company

2375 Dorr Stri Suite F * Toledo. OH 43607

Sat**: <601) 323^9715 - FAX: (601) .123 6551 Technical; (414) 531-3024 • FAX: (419) 5.11 0042

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