HAGERSTOWN MD The Am»* tarn Radio ^ssoc * spc-sof the ali nes Maryland/DC OSO Part/ Aug 1 ern from 1600Z-2359Z Aug 19th Logs should be mailed (o the con lest chairman by Sepi 10, 1990, For Info cootacl Confess Chairman, Antwtam Radio Association. PC Box 52, Hagerstown MP 2i7<i r Marl logs io Artfnerjin Radio Assoc . PO So* 52, Hagersto&n MD 21741

ENGLEWOOD NJ The Englewootí Inc m^tes SlJ am ateurs the worfc over iq take pan m the 3is( annual Vv. Jersey OSO Party from 2Q00UTC Aug T0tn £>700UTCAug i i and from 1300UTCAuu 19-0200U TC Aug 20 Please send all inquines \o\EnglewQQd AFTA, Inc.. PO Box 528, Ertglúwoúd

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