FT727B; 767; 736

T5711 _

Controller Fea tures A u topntch £ Re verse

*Chan^e variables remote!y M0Q0 0 s digit) tel stored trom touchtones or Packet 'Quick dial & quick answer

'Unlimited voice vocabulary! "Directed, general page

'Alarm Clock, auto execute "Selected restricted paich

'Individual 4 digit user codes ^Telephone control input

'Disk & Printer I o g g ing of Dual Combined Remotes users, tel # lapsed time AiB Macro/Scan memories

*ie Bot3tlng Polite ID s 'Scan up/down; inGHi s*eps

External relay controls ^Monitor & lock modes

* 2, 5, & CTC55 Tone paging "Operate splits, combine HF

*CW Practice with voice & VHF radios as Dual VFO's

'Security modeh T.tone mute "Automatic mode selection

"Voice announces each user "Talking S Meter; Voltmeter call sign when logging on «Votcp Beacon rotating rns^fl

Model CS64S

Includes: Interface, disk, cables, Manual

Ultra Options

Add duplex tel. Remote Base control & 3 way patch.,TLCN„ $159,95 External relays: 3 DPDT relays +6 Open Co I. Trans. SW..J3S 9.S5 'Rotor control D.C. to distal display &. Voice; for all rotors ...HM1 ...£59,35 *2 Voice Meters & 2 Alarm Inpuls: fl Relay On/Off Com ro I PK3.S 159.95 "Reprogram & Control ^Ea Packet; Packet to Voice B B S PKi.„$&9.95 "EPFIOM Autoboot CART ,$109.95 "C64 & 1541 l2V.Swltching supply crystal controlled ...L>CPS-.Si29.95 'Digilal Voice Rec/PB 32 Or sac. voice Mailbox & ID TaiLDVM $179.95 'Manuil (REFUNDED) MN I..S 2Q.DD

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